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Goose is a feweed poultry, which has the characteristics of rapid growth, strong resistance, resistance to feeding and consumption. Generally raised in summer: First, the climate is appropriate to save feed. Generally, it is more than 98% of the age of approximately 98%, and the summer goose is around 60 days. Each geese has an average weight of 1.525 kg, not only the gain, but also the peerless management. During the whole breeding, the feed is rich, and the leans can eat fresh grass, and the pests grow and grow in the growing cycle. Poultry Medicine Moei: 17768276005 WeChat should raise the benefits of Beast, and the author has recommended three aspects. 1 capture heatstroke and cooling and cooling. You must open the doors and windows in your day and night to make the air open. Grid the shacks of the shade of the windshield in the alternative place of the goose. Just out of gram, the gawning peel is relatively thin, the ability of the self-regulation temperature is also poor, should pay special attention to insulation and heatstroke prevention, the gaw pestle temperature requirements for 1-5 days age are required to reduce 1- ~ 2 every 7 days later. ° C, no balance at noon, prevent heat stroke, add some of the anti-thermal stress of minerals and a variety of vitamins in drinking water. Control the humidity. Summer goose is not high and the humidity is also very much, often affecting the heat of goose, causing a lot of breeding. The relative humidity of the goose should be maintained at 55 to 60%, such as the relative humidity greater than 75%, can cause cone peegitis. The fan can be installed, so that the effect is better than the heat dissipation. Reduce density. Summer goose group density should not be too large, the fiscal density of meat is preferably 5-6 per square meter, to prevent the heatstream water temperature rise to prevent crowding. At high temperatures, it can be sprayed with cold water, and the walls and goose are cooled. 2 Two feeding matches 35 days ago. Just 9-shell-shell gastrointestinal tract and digestive absorption function is not perfect, can not only feed, otherwise, it is easy to cause gastroenteritis, should be mixed with feed, etc., with the increase of goose, H The green feed in grain can gradually increase to 9%, and the proportion of fine feed can be gradually dropped to 10%. 10 days after the age of the leek can choose the temperature, and after the wind is fed from the cold, the food is slowly rushed to the nearby grass. The event is about 1 hour, and then the gars rushed to the clean shallow pond, and the water is not suitable for a few minutes. Then the goose rushed to the shore, and went back to Goose. Masterin can be added in drinking water. When grazing and putting water, asking can be extended with age growth, usually with 6-8 pm, 3 pm, 3 medication ingredients are unreasonable to use any drug require a certain course of treatment.Many farmers often see it, or use 1 to 2 days, the disease is not improved, so it is possible to cause the condition to be exacerilized or repeated. The correct method should be used for 3 to 4 days, and then consolidate after 2 days after healing. Sulfonamides can be used for more than 7 days. 44 Errors The correct route of administration can reach the role of halving. Conversely, the effect is not obvious, even no effect. Some drugs are suitable for drinking water, some drugs are not absorbed by intestines, and injection can achieve good results, such as penicillin drinking water will lose the efficacy. 4 Joint medication issues combined with drugs should pay attention to the role of each other. The reasonable compatibility can achieve synergy or adding effects to enhance efficacy, and improper compatibility is antagonistic, so that the effects of drugs have declined to decline in effect. Such as penicillin and sulfonamine, oxytomycin and streptomycin can reduce the efficacy, and salt cream can be increased when used in combination with maneromycin. At the same time, the occurrence of acid, alkali, and reaction, precipitation, turbid, discoloration should be avoided during both or two of the following drugs. When using antibiotics combined with antibiotics, use bacteriostatic drugs. 5 If you don’t pay attention to the product, you don’t pay attention to the quality of the product. Some farmers are cheap, or the flowers of the wild doctor, do not look at the quality, and buy medicine, not only delay the treatment, but also cause unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, the professional household should be purchased at the “veterinary drug business license” and “business license” to buy. Remember “cheap and no good goods, good goods are not cheap”. There is “three views” when buying veterinary drugs: I look at the packaging, packaging is the requirements of the external quality of the drug, and the inherent quality protection. The two views of the appointment include the approval number, the main ingredients, specifications, content, validity period, manufacturer, etc. Three look at the quality of the drug meets the requirements, including whether the color is impermanent, the powder has no agglomeration, and the liquid has no precipitation, turbidity, etc. 6 Pay attention to some farmers, some farmers, do not comply with the chartering period, leading to the residual exceeding the standard in animal food, affecting the export of products, and increases drug expenditure. Veterinary drugs have a thader period, and the veterinary drug should be used in strict accordance with the veterinary drug.

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