How to raise stray cats?


There is very much in society, in the community, roadside grass, and surroundings around the park can often found stray cats. These poor guys are naturally visited, and of course some will be lucky. Note that a stray cat is somewhat different from a healthy daughter. To raise a stray cat, you should also refer to the following methods.


  • Wandering cats will be full of fear of this society because of special encounters, people are full of fear, and behave is not friendly. Let’s see if you have a pet in your home before you are preparing for feeding. If so, then the stray cat is isolated for a while, let it get familiar with the environment, let it grow with other pets. Second,
  • Do not blindly bring the stray cat home. Before you have a genuine cat, you should take it to your pet hospital for examination. Direct vaccine, cleaning body, disinfection, deworming, after the whole body examination determines the health of the body, then collect the stray cat home.

  • Third, Before bringing the stray cat home, it is best to prepare a clean, comfortable cat nest for it. First, prepare for all breasted, everyday food, drinking basin, etc. best prepared in advance.
  • In a period of time when the stray cat just went home, I would not be annoyed. Parents should give cats a little bit of space and time, let it get familiar with this new home. You can occasionally hug it, touch it, feed it every day, but don’t scare it, you can’t let strangers scare it. Note that stray cats are more sensitive because of special environmental impact, and more prone to aggressive behavior, so be sure to be particulartime when contacting stray cats. Don’t suddenly get in touch, you should pay attention to the safety of the cat, eliminate its prevention and understanding, let the cat can slowly integrate this new life.
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