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518 Farming Information Network News: With the increasing improvement in the living standards of my country and the gradual improvement of food structure, my country’s consumption of milk products continues to grow.
Experts predict that in the future, the milk market will continue to be optimistic, and the cows are not losing a good door to farmers. However, experts also pointed out that feeding cows want to get high-efficiency, they must pay attention to the following main links:
I have to raise a good technology to rely on
There are specific feeding standards in each growth and development stage of cows. And management methods, coupled with its breeding and epidemic prevention, there is also a special technical operation requirement, so it can only be considered if you have a hard feeding technology. If these conditions are not mature, it is absolute or temporarily not to raise cows.
Second, breeding cows have higher investment, there must be a certain fund for the foundation
Buy a year of adult black and white flower cows, the price is generally around 8,000–11000 yuan (higher milk cattle price is higher), plus necessary Raising facilities and fine, crude feed, etc., the adult cows should be prepared from 10,000 to $ 10,000. If you purchase a cow of 2-3 months, although you buy cattle funds as long as 2000-3000 yuan, it is necessary to have milk revenue after two years. During this period, the feed and epidemic prevention costs are from 4,000–7000 yuan. . Therefore, before the breast cows, we must consider whether you can have enough funds to bear.
Third, cows should be careful
1. Choose a cows that meet the variety of cows: China’s fine dairy varieties are mainly Hostan cattle (ie, Chinese black and white flowers). Its body-shaped characteristics: is limited by the hair black and white and black and white; the head is clear, the chest is long, the middle and back is developed; the blood vessel is revealed under the skin, the skin is less, the head neck, the head neck, the head neck, the head neck, the head neck, the nail and the rear body contour are obvious. From the left, right side of the cattle, the front and top of the cattle are triangular. At the same time, the cow breast is developed, the nipple is large, the vessel is thick and the bending is large, the lactation is large, and the molar is wide. You should also check and request a dairy variety file when you purchase, in order to pick a healthy cattle with excellent metrology and unbelievers as a parent.
2. To introduce from regular dairy cow: The place to sell cows can be sold, most of them are in large school colleges, national (or provincial, municipal) research institutes (to) or dairy breeding.Heart (station). If you want to introduce from other places, you must verify the situation and then buy it.
3. Prepare preparation before introduce: To choose a good quarter season and time, the best introduction season is spring, autumn two seasons; to prepare transportation tools; do a good job in the cleanliness of the car; It is necessary to prepare feeds used in transportation.
Four, do a good job in market investigation, ensure that the milk products have sales
Only feed (grass) resources are rich, convenient transportation, and there are places where milk acquisition system or dairy processing enterprises can ensure the sale of milk. And where there is no domestic transportation, there is no place to acquire, processing, should not develop dairy industry too quickly. (518 farming technology network)

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