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518 Farming Information Network News: Breeding period (12 to 24 months old) Reserve cattle, in order to obtain the best pregnancy, 30 days before the breeding, 30 days after breeding, the reserve cattle should continue to increase weight, so that estrus Performance and preparation preparation are very sufficient.
In the cultivation system of the reserve cattle, it is based on its physical size rather than its age. If the reserve cow is more nutrient, the reserve cattle group is achievable, and the method is as follows:
The reserve cattle must be pregnant at the age of 15 months, in order to achieve this, the initial adaptation at December Break, using the remaining 90 days to continue to be breed until pregnancy. There are about 4.5 estrus cycles in 90 days, namely 4.5 times a variety opportunity.
The date of breeding is preparatory in advance, requires estrus observations, record estrus, estrus records helps the next breeding estrus prediction, and help find problems with the early days of the rear preparation cattle. It is possible to take effective measures in time to avoid prolonged breeding months.
Before breeding to childbirth, feeding management is accurate, which is necessary to grow the fetus and the parent itself, but also minimize the fat deposition on the breast and maneuct. (518 farming technology network)

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