How to raise the crown red solar chicken?

The appearance of the soil chicken is related to the price of the listing, crown red, hair, and the feet are concerned about the concerns of chicken friends and the chicken friends. Therefore, the appearance of the earth chicken directly affects the benefits of the farmers. So how do you raise the crown of red puree?

First, we must understand the following reasons to affect the development of the chicken head, in order to better improve.

1, the hair of the chicken has a big relationship with the development of the internal organs, and the use of anti-vitality in the chicken process has left a strong side effect while helping the chicken. . It is often black, not developing, is caused by excessive use of drugs.

2, everyone knows that the sexual ability and mature logo of chicken is the head. If the crown heads are equally large, it is a heavy matter that accelerates the performance and maturity of poultry. Here you can remind you that you must do not use hormones, because quickly promote development, it will bring a reaction. If you can’t sell it in time, it will shrink, it is difficult to develop. You can use some Chinese medicine to raise liver and kidney. Improve the secretion of testosterone, accelerate the growth of sexual organs, will get a very healthy big red crown.
3, light and chicken crown also have a big relationship, this is seasonal. Summer cropping is fast, and winter is slow in winter. So it is very important to grasp the light time.
4, mold toxins and diseases also have a big impact on cocks and hair color. Mycotoxin mainly damages the liver and lungs, causing severe poisoning phenomena, black and faces, affecting the growth and development of the crown and blood circulation. Disease damage immune organs, main liver and kidney spleen and stomach, and a large number of antibiotics are used during the onset, bringing many side effects and drug residues. The blood is sour, and the performance is slightly black. Appease the beauty of the head.

5, mosquito bites, chicken pox, and chicken are also the main reason. Mosquito bites spread bacteria, insect eggs, viruses, chicken whole feathers only light heads are exposed outside, and blood is abundant, it is the best vampire point of mosquitoes, causing blood spots, scarring, and chicken poet in the skin exposed place. The fastest, preferred Still a chicken. Chicken wholly is a very small parasite in vitro, which is the best goal for the blood of the blood, so the head is also the best goal. Crests were purified by trifacca, and used 5 to 7 days.

Learn from this influence of the headFor many reasons, how to solve it?

1, reduce the use of antibiotics, reduce the burden on the antibiotics to the internal organs, improve immunity, raising Chinese medicine extracts, synthetic products, etc. Promote intestinal absorption and improve feed conversion rate, reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs, and improve the immunity of chicken.

2, add Chinese medicine, such as Epimedium extract, meat colone extract, significantly improve the formation of sex hormones, and rapidly increase the growth of testicles.

3, reasonable illumination, time extension. Long-term open lights without stimulating the fight.

4, using a deathizing agent to reduce the damage of mold toxins, detoxifying the kidney with Chinese medicine. Exhaust the toxins in the blood. Feed may be heightened in Lego, micronutrient supplementation, the role of inhibition and removal of mycotoxins,

5, mosquito coils, mosquito bites prevention, reduction of infectious diseases, reducing the junction bites cause Scar and crown, regularly remove inside and outside parasite. Treatment crown is net with a hunger.

6, everyone can use the Timber fertilizer, pure nutrients, flooded, long crochet feathers, and promote the bones. The market reaction effect is quite good.

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