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In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to food safety issues, and green food is favored by people. Local varieties of chicken (soil chicken) due to its green, long-term, non-pollution, delicious meat, pure egg flavor, is generally welcomed by people. Mandarin to raise chicken, courtyard to maintain soil, orchard, the development of soil, is a way to get rich by farmers. To achieve good economic benefits, you must do the following work.

1 Do a good job in brooding

Purchase Miao Chicken to go to a regular hatcher, picking a chicken to choose a healthy body, do not, ovals are absorbed, the umbilical cord is not Ok, there is a yellow-white dungal stick near the anus, and the feathers are more dirty chickens, and the smaller chickens are not.

In the first 2 to 3 hours before entering chickens, the temperature of the breeding room reached 32 ~ 35 ° C. After the chick entered the breeding room, the distribution of the chicken group was observed, and the temperature was adjusted in time. The temperature is moderate, the chick is distributed uniform; the temperature is too high, the chick is nice, and the drinking water is increased; the temperature is too low, the chick is piled up, close to the heat source, loss of appetite. After 1 week, the temperature was 2 to 3 ° C per week, and the chick was degreased (25 ° C). While maintaining temperature, pay attention to ventilation and keep the air in the house. The relative humidity of 2 weeks before breeding was maintained at 65% to 70%, starting from 55% to 65% from day 3.

After the shell, after educating the shelter, drink water within 24 hours to promote its metabolism. After transporting chicks, after entering the breeding room, water is immediately water, and 3% ~ 5% glucose or a variety of vitamins can be added, 2 to 3 hours after drinking water, can feed the feed. Feed should choose a full-price high-quality chick, and feed less meals. Each feed is eaten from 15 to 20 minutes, he feeds 6 to 8 times a day.
7 ~ 10 day old chicks, to make a break. The break can prevent some of the happening and the waste of feed. The front 2D is added to the feed to add VK3, a variety of vitamins, and prevent the bleeding.
2 Do a good deworming health care

2.1 Callus disease

After the chicks 15 days, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of coccidia. Anticturium (aminopropepcetin, homomycin, alone) can be added to the feed, and it is necessary to use a rotation drug in the occurrence of coccidiosis.And shuttle.
1) Amumpropionaryrid, mixed with 0.013% concentration, prevention from 15 days of age, can be used for 30 to 40 days, no drug period.
2) Macaires, mixed with 0.0005%, can be used for 30D, and 5D.
3) Changshanketone, mixed with 0.0003%, can be used for 25D. Thabitation period 5d.
2.2 Disease disease

When the chicken is raised on the ground, it is prone to aphid disease, aphid disease, and must be resected regularly.
1) Driveling, 2.0mg per kilogram of body weight, 1 time in the mixture.
2) Left-rotaryimidazole, 25 ~ 40mg per kilogram of body weight, 1 time in the mixture.
2.3 Aphid disease

1) Erinkling, 150 ~ 200mg per kilogram, mixed into the feed.
2) propylene deceleration, 10 ~ 20 mg per kilogram of body weight, mixed into the feed.

From January to September, chicken leukocyte ravide disease, add 20 mg / kg, 0.02% small soda, 1 week, can prevent chicken for 1 week The occurrence of leukocytic niosis. Interval, repeated additional 1 time. Veterinary drug agent

Immunization is to respond to the vaccination, the body produces a response, and has resistance to specific diseases, not within a certain period of time Infective onset. Immunity is a means of preventing infectious diseases, making it the key to ensuring successful chickens. Reasonable and correct immunization procedures not only help to protect the chicken group, but also from pathogens in a period of time. According to the regularity and epidemic characteristics of chickens in the region, the daily age, vaccine characteristics and influence of parent antibodies, etc., formulated an immunization procedure for this site. Choose a vaccine suitable for this. When the epidemic prevention, there is no leakage chicken. To strengthen the new city, infectious bronchitis, avian influenza immunity. It is also planned to monitor the chicken group in antibody levels to determine the best immunization. Before and after the chicken group, it must protect the chicken group to invade the strong virus, in order to avoid all kinds of stress,Add some anti-stress-resistant drugs such as Vc to improve the immune effect.

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