How to reduce the cost of pig pigs and improve economic benefits

There are two aspects: one of the main ways to reduce the cost of pig pig: One is to increase production, and the other is to save all costs as much as possible, “the” increased production and saving “four words, but to do this requirement, first, adoption of advanced technical measures, two It is necessary to improve business management, and specific measures have the following points:
According to the growth and development characteristics of pigs, it is necessary to reduce feed costs for feed costs.
(2) Implementing self-cultivation, can reduce the cost of fertilization of fine milk piglets, reducing the occurrence of disease, thereby reducing feeding costs.
(3) In the premise of ensuring production, save other expenses, compressed non-production costs are also an important way to reduce costs. First, fully rationally use pig houses and various machines and other production equipment, minimize the depreciation of products should be shared; second, save the use of various raw materials, reduce consumption, reduce waste, including feed, pad, fuel , Medical expenses, etc .; Third, strive to improve attendance rate and labor productivity, when implementing the labor remuneration of wage system, under the condition of each working day, the higher the labor productivity, the less payment payment in product production Fourth, to streamline non-producers, intensive, save business management costs.
(4) Adopt scientific management technology, for the growth of pig growth, add appropriate conditions, speed up the growth rate of pigs, shorten the feeding period, and reduce the feeding costs relatively reduced.
(5) Chinese medicine assistance: feed Add speed big fertilizer, Jianweixia, let the pig eat more, pull less, can be raised 15 days in advance, more steps to improve economic benefits.
(6) Master market information, carry out a variety of management: family pig farm should do a good job, sell pigs in a timely manner, reduce costs, must master market information, open the doorway, carry out multiple operations, should pay attention to pig production, All aspects of processing, sales, etc.

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