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518 raised sheep network news, as the proportion of the raised sheep industry is further expanded in the breeding industry, all the places have set off the heat. However, the bad yield of goat is gradually increased, and there is no loss for farmers. It is generally believed that the fetus of goat is too large, too much, the fetal position is not affluent and the lack of production of ewec is. However, its real reasons, because the initial distribution time of the ewa is too early, the size of the body is not properly selected, and the breeding management of the ewec pregnancy is not good. The author believes how to reduce the incidence of goats and must be considered from the following aspects.
First, prevent ewes from over-premise. From a physiological point of view, the ewes generally reach sexual maturity in 5 ~ 6 months, and have the ability to reproduce, and there is a first time, but at this time, the ewec is not yet mature. In this case, the breeding will curb its growth and development. Natural pregnancy will also be seriously affected, and the consequences of this impact is to increase the incidence of difficult yield. Therefore, for goats, the first breeding time of the ewa should choose when sheep has matured, not only does not affect the health of the ewa, but also get a robust young shelf.
Second, adhere to the correct principles of nominal selection. In the case of a difficult case, about 50% is related to the excessive fetus, most of which are related to the general type of ram, especially when the ewec is not mature, the ligand is large, the incidence is higher. . Therefore, adhere to the correct one-piece options. The correct body-type optional principle should be at the time: big equation, big match, medium distribution, must not be a small match. With a small result, the occurrence of a small amount of fetus increases, and the occurrence of the shortcomings in the fetus is more serious for premature breeding.
Third, do a good job in producing feeding in pregnancy. Goat’s hard work, except for both factors, poor feeding management is also an important factor. Nutritional disorders in gestational goats are one of the causes of difficulty, and excessive obesity or malnutrition in pregnancy can lead to labor-saving. At the same time, sports is indispensable to pregnant ewes, quite some difficulty sheep is related to lack of exercise during pregnancy. Insufficient exercise in pregnant sheep may induce fetal fetal position, which can also lead to lack of production, which is the direct incentive of difficulty. For the ewe, reasonable movement should be appropriate, and the second should be moderate. It is generally suitable for 2 hours a day. (518 raised sheep network)

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