How to reduce the occurrence of coccidiasis through management and medication

During the process of breeding, coccidi is the easiest, because he and the environment, temperature and climate of the chicken have a big relationship.
Today, I received a call from Yunnan customers in the morning, saying that my chickens always burst insects in 30 days, using the medicine well, in a few days of outbreaking. This situation is very headache

Do you want to do it?
During the chicken process, the cocci eggs were in feces and air. The cockroach is floated in the air of the chicken house, once the temperature is suitable, the conditions are mature, and the coccidia is coming out. So, I don’t recommend customers to do coccidia vaccines, because we can’t let chickens don’t pull. And after doing the coccidia vaccine, the coccidi strain of the chicken farm has enhanced. Once the coccidia is burst, the effect is not ideal, and many medicines can’t control. Therefore, coccidi can not be cured, only drug control can be controlled.

How to make the coccidia effect more ideal?

When the chicken has a coccidi, the cocci eggs are attached to the intestinal wall of the chicken, which causes the intestinal mucosa to disengage. So there is a chicken with coccidia, and the intestines are definitely bad. It is best to match the intestinal drug when using coccidi drugs, so that better treatment. Do not use multi-dimensional, while reducing the feed protein, you can feed chicken, add fish oil in the feed. After treating coccidia, the cockroach bacteria, the live bacteria formulation is adjusted to balance the strain, promote the intestinal absorption and improve the feed conversion rate, reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs, and improve the body Immunity, reduce the gantry of the chicken.

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In the process of giving the coccidi, it is best to cut chicken manure. Some chicken friends and other treatment of cockpit worms, and the catholic appetitious, this is caused by coccidi. If a little coccidia is not used, it will be fine in a few days.

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