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Parasitic is often encountered in the breeding process, if the deworm is not serious How should I remove the health of sheep? ⒈ ⒈ 原 原 原 环境 环境 菌 菌 菌 菌 菌 菌 菌 菌 防 防 防;;;;;;;; It is good to isolate the surrounding health sheep from being infected; prevention of chemical drugs for health sheep. According to the ubiquitous feature of parasites, regularly deworming each year. Generally, each of the remellets each year from May to May and 10- November, the lamb should be 1 time in July 7 – August.
⒉ ⒉ 虫 计划 1 绦绦, annual spring, summer, autumn three seasons in the three seasons, 2 nematodes, annual spring, autumn or every quarterly deworming once; 3 In vitro parasites, annual spring, autumn quarter, with avetimin injection, 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight, or 2 grams of per 1000 kg per 1000 kg of feed for 7 days.
⒊ ⒊ ⒊ 注意 对 唑 唑 有 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 无 无 无 大 大 无 无 无 无 大 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无There is a report, propylene dexus is a teratogenic effect on the embryo. Therefore, it is particularly careful when using this medicine in pregnant ewes, and the ewe is best replays a pheashed in a breeding; 2 some dewormy drugs, if the temporary use or medication is unreasonable, Palactoms produce drug resistance, sometimes caused in deworming effect. The prevention of drug resistance can be solved by reducing the number of medications, rational medication, and cross-medication can be resolved. When a drug produces drug resistance, it can be replaced; 3 At present, there are many more avermens manufacturers in China, and there are many product names. There are Avi, Afound, Bengxin, insects, pests, insects, insects, etc. , Scattered, injections, etc. To be careful, some of the products are made of mycelium even with drug residue, and some injection is not a sustained release formulation. The drug is not 28 days, and I need to re-injection once after 56 days. Due to lack ofStabilizers, drugs can degrade, decrease in effect.
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