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This winter, the snow outside Inner Mongolia, the snow is covered with grassland. “The hearts of the herders are as cold. The price of mutton continued to fall, and the Mo Sheep 4 yuan a pound, this is the lowest price I have ever seen. After two years, I can sell three or four hundred yuan, I will lose it. ! “Du Xin, deputy director of the Fouzi Wangqi Poverty Alleviation Office, Wulanchabu City.
But the sheep industry in Wushang County, Bayannre City is going to the trend in the cold winter. What is the reason?

Tomato skin is made of feed, sheep manure changes fertilizers, and the cost of raising sheep is greatly reduced

Into the Pakistan breeding development limited liability company breeding base, the idle area in the courtyard is full of golden Straw. “This is the remaining skin in the nearby tomato factory. The waste in the eyes of others has become our treasure, and tomato skin is used to do feed, and the nutrition is high.” Zhao Huanjun, chairman.

Feed is “this” in a farming industry, and it is also a bottleneck of the large-scale development of meat sheep enterprises in the long-term system. Zhang Wanying, deputy director of the Agricultural Pastoral Administration of Bayannaoer City, said that although the ancestors of the ancestors were raised, the traditional feed production was not sufficient to meet the needs of scale culture.
“The five original straw, branches, grass leaves and wild plants, we are not lack of raw materials, lack of processing technology.” Zhao Huanjun said that Bami uses these rich raw materials, combined with part Feed, research and development of feed formulas for growth, development, and fattening phases.
Scientific feed also needs to match scientific feeding methods. Farm research and development and application professional feed automatic feeding, automatic water dispenser, reduce labor intensity, reduce waste, reduce disease. “For example, the original one of the original labor days is raised, and now it can be added to 1000 feeding; the labor cost is reduced to 7.5 yuan per 50 yuan.” Zhao Huanjun introduced.
“We also collect the feces of the sheep, conduct biogas power generation. Use sheep manure, biogas and humic acid mixed fermentation, produce high quality organic fertilizer.” Zhao Huanjun countd on account, “buy a lamb 300 yuan , To raise to the column of about 720 yuan of feed, but use a sheep to make organic fertilizers, can sell 1600 yuan, all of which are all salary, water and electricity, equipment depreciation fees, and the cost of raising sheep can be low. “

Innovative sales model, let the good product sell good price

Monitoring rooms in Pakistan, you can see each sheep through the big screen. Sales Director Zhao Shuai said:” All Companies users can view the live status of the flock in the flock online. “

” In order to make consumers have a stronger participation, we have also launched a recurrent model. “Wang Yougen Wang Yougen, the operator manager said:” Customers can choose lambs from the sheep, and observe the growth of sheep through the network, real-time and feeding personnel. “

” The online sheep can be lively. “Wang Yougen said:” Some give the sheep to have a birthday online, and there is a birth together … “

Winning consumption, the most critical or lamb quality. At present, Pakistan has adopted advanced slaughter. Split, packaging, refrigerated production line and equipment, through segmentation, slice, classified packaging to achieve product value-added.

“One catty sells 300 yuan of lamb, it is still in short! “Zhao Shuai said:” The customer can enjoy personalization customization, and the customer wants to buy which piece of meat, which we give him. “

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