How to scientifically effectively prevent hooded disease in winter

Entering cold winter, pig farm quarterly disease – foot-and-mouth disease, gradually increased, hoof snoring, bleeding, suppurative, etc., plaguing pig farm manager. What are the symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease, and how do you prevent and treat such refractive conditions? Let’s talk about:
Symptom: This disease has been sent to the winter and spring season, and the environmental moisture will exacerbate the disease. The speed of communication is extremely fast (all the columns spread all ~ 2 days). The sick pig is temperate, suddenly the station is standing instable, hi lying or lying down, do not eat. In the mouth nose, gum, the tongue, the tongue can be seen, or the ulique spot. Block and ulique spots appear in the limbs, the hoof, hoof, which can be seen when it is severely visible. The sow is also long bubbles and the ulique spot is formed after the sow. The sow will be aborted after infection of the disease. After lactating pigs and weaned pigs infected with patients with acute myocarditis, myocardial necrosis suddenly died. Especially in the needle, the fight, etc., it should be more prone to death. Among them, the mortality rate of external three-dimensional hybrid pigs is higher than the inner ternary or binary hybrid pig.
1. Strengthen epidemic prevention, prevent the introduction of disease, and control pollution areas. The pig farm conducts strict disinfection procedures. Common disinfectants have 1% to 2% sodium hydroxide, 30% grass ash, 1% ~ 2% formaldehyde solution. The correct disinfection process is: spraying the surrounding environment, keeping more than 4 hours, thoroughly cleaning the urine, garbage, dirt, dirt, then accumulating fermentation or incineration. The second spray and maintained for more than 4 hours. The cement floor and carrier tools of the pig house are rinsed with tap water, dry after drying, spray or spray, naturally drying.
2. After the disease, all the abstains were all eliminated and isolated blockade measures were taken, thoroughly disinfected.
3. In the surrounding area around the pig farm, this field pig group should be vaccinated to vaccinate, and immunization is performed on a regular region. Silosa in the early stage of pregnancy and 1 month before childbirth (with unit-priced inactivated seedlings, foot-and-mouth disease inactivation virus and swine fever, the piglet can be injected in 40 days or 80 days Strong immunity can be obtained times.
4. Emergency prevention can use foot-and-mouth disease inactivating vaccine injection. Emergency vaccination for unpredictable pigs, conventional seedlings are 5 ml per head, and the high-efficiency variety is 3 ml per head; or use mouth-down disease high-free serum or rehabilitation animal serum to passively immunize, 0.5 ~ 1 ml per kilogram of body weight Injections, enhance immunization 1 after 15 days. For the illnessThe group, all eliminated, pig houses were fully disinfected.
Treatment: It has been found to be lighter, and can use amoxicillin + Kang alone + Tianli quick supplements. Kno is easy to say, also known as the anti-drug No. 1, enhance the vaccine effect, relieve immunosuppression; improve the immunity of pigs, relieve the health of pigs
Main ingredients: Huang Lian, Cork, Astragalus, Gardenia, Houttuynia, Board blue roots and other precious Chinese medicine.
Usage and dosage
This product is 1000 kg per 1 kg of mixture and served for 7-10 days. Double dosage during the disease period, with a 7-10 days
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