How to see health from the dog’s tongue?

When going to the hospital, the doctor usually said that the tongue can be reached out. From the tongue, you can see the physical condition. Everyone must not know that the dog’s tongue can also see its health! How to What is the health of the dog? timg (1).jpg

The normal tongue is usually light red, and there is a microblong tongue, the tongue is uniform, and the tongue is dry and dry. Summer tongue is red, and winter can be shining in winter. However, a few varieties of the golden drones are dark red or black, and they should be different.

1, the tongue is mixed, indicating that the blood is insufficient, more common with the dog’s malnutrition, anemia, excessive blood loss or parasitic disease. The tongue is pale, and the body is extremely weak.

2, the tongue is a red blood, which is more common in hot infectious diseases. The tongue is a long-red and intestinal torsion of the hot infectious disease

3, the tongue is yellow, and the dark yellow is more common in chronic hepatitis. Orange color is more acute hepatitis and blood parasitic disease. The change in tongue can provide a reference reference, and the diagnosis of the disease must also go to the hospital for comprehensive diagnosis.

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