How to solve chicken gland muscle gastritis?

Adrenometric gastritis is a disease that affects major losses in the chicken industry in recent years. Cemented muscle gastritis is caused by many reasons, the environment, feed effects are relatively large, cold and hot stress, air flow is not enough, resulting in decline in chicken body resistance, Especially in winter, the ventilation is enhanced in the case of maintaining physical temperature. (Can improve the mold in the mold, prevent the occurrence of gland inflammation disease).

: The symptoms of chicken gland muscle gastritis:

adenitis is presented in the early stage of feces or slender strips. Genitis does not eat large particle feed, planing. Due to the gland, the acceleration of the gland is small, it is difficult to eat large particles feed, so the chicken does not like to eat large particle feed; even if it eats, it hurts, so the chicken is screaming, mad run. Anatomy visible adenophenosis is like a table tennis; nipple edema, the base is pink, Bing, the late nipple ulcer, depression, disappears.

The smaller the pathogenesis, the more like Yanzhong, the symptoms of the disease, the symptoms of the ginya, the decline in the vegetation, the psychosis, the material, resulting in the utilization rate and conversion of the feed Low, further growth, slow growth, gradually thin, and the size of the diseased chicken

: Under the variety of factors can cause this disease

1. In high temperature and high wet stress

2. Variety of vertical propagation (immunosuppressive disease) causes the chicken sprout and low immunity.

3.H9, IBV, NDV, IBDV is in a latent infection causes low body immunity, and it is easy to cause disease when epidemic prevention, and muscle gastritis is present.

4. Feed nutrients are unbalanced, and there are excessive bioamines in diet, and micro-element selenium is lacking in corn.

Summary: Muscle Gothostat is mainly related to the high temperature and high humidity; in the pathogen, it is related to the vertical propagation, immunosuppression, etc.

For unsatisfactory chicken group, reasonable control The quality of various raw materials in the diet is necessary to add off the feed if necessary.MEI, effectively preventing the various hazards caused by MEI, fungi and its du to the chicken group. In addition, the control of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and crude fibers in the diet is also effective measures to reduce the occurrence of chicken gland inflammation.

2. Manage:

(1) Can’t let the chicken are frozen (cool breeze can’t blow in the chicken body, now there is a lot of cage, but also guarantee adequate support , Temperature control and time control combination)

(2) Can’t let chicken hot

(3) Can not make chicken, I don’t know if you usually feed chicken How to arrange it, there is any habit of control

Sourming, I can’t eat it in front of you every day, you also have a mouthful, and let’s know if you eat. The law is also a serious cause of stomach disease. The control is not to let the chicken have less food. It is a concentrated product, then the stomach is completely emptied, and there is a physical therapy with Du substance to make the stomach! Arrange the fixed time on one day, you can take three times, four times, the chicken will go to the fixed point in the fixed point, which can prevent the Mei change of the feed, and the stomach of the chicken has an opportunity to empty and rest.

The purpose of the control is to allow the broiler to move, increase the lung capacity of broilers to reduce the problem of increasing the late Demoy Rate, not to make the broilers to eat less. Everyone thinks about this understanding: Theory support: The size of the meat chicken is an important reason for the high low deadness rate, and the size of the previous activity determines the size of the meat chicken. After the chicken control, adrenal stomach and muscle stomach emptying, promoting adrenal stomach and muscle stomach emptying, allowing all harmful substances in the agglomeration of the garthal and muscle stomach. Since hunger chickens will be eaten once, so that every gothopathy and muscle stomach will be exercised and maintained, healthy garthes and mustfeen naturally prevent gothitis and mucostitis. There is no adrenal inflammation, and the later generation will be very fast, and the feed conversion rate is high. (Rich agriculture Gothomotor) You deserve it!

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