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Mycotoxin problem has always been a pit, and many pig farms are deeply understood. The liver as a target organ of a variety of mold toxins is also deeply known and not known! Zhang Bo, a pathology in Henan, a pathogenesis, and dissection of the pigs, the dissection of the pig gastric ulcer, the colorectal ulceration, the liver swollen, and the on-site analysis is determined to be a mold toxin over the standard.

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Considering that mold toxin has caused serious damage to the liver, at this time, the use of the chemical will be added to the snow, because the use of chemical drugs during the liver function, will reduce the residual residue of liver internal chemical drugs and unable to discharge The liver is a fatal “poison”! This is also a “pig disease, no need to die, and die” in many farmers. As a result, the boss uses the treatment plan for bile acid + dethylid. On the one hand, reduce the intake of mold toxins. On the one hand, quickly discharge toxins accumulated in the liver, reduce the burden of the liver! 2 days after use, the pig’s death stopped, 3 days after use, piglets return to normal, the symptoms of pigs have disappeared before the pigs, and returning to normal! Bile acid as the main ingredient of bile, functionality and pigs that have their own secretion of bile acids are exactly the same! It can make up for the lack of bile secretion due to damage caused by liver, alleviate the burden of liver! There are two main functions of bile acid: 1. Exhaust toxins and protect the hepatobiliary health. 2, promote the digestion of fat and fat – soluble substances. In treatment, the liver of bile acid can rapidly discharge toxins in the liver and reduce liver damage! In the post-illness recovery stage, bile acid can quickly restore the appetite of pigs, improve the feeding capacity and digestion of feed, so that the pigs quickly resume growth! In the farming scene, there have been many dealers to use Longchang Bile Acid to solve the problem, more and more pig farms benefit from Longchang bile acid, and we are very proud of these recognition and affirmation, we are very proud!

Detoxification of liver, remove in vivo mold toxins, promote fat destructive absorption

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