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Zhong Nuo Heart Pig Hypowers: The effect of fattening pigs: the amount of striking amount and growth of pigs in pigs, when the amount of material is reduced to a certain basis, the pig group ensures life directly Performance: The growth rate is decreased or even reduced, the meat is added (only the material is not long), and the cost of breeding will also increase accordingly; indirect performance: the disease resistance of pigs decreases, and the pathogenesis and drug fees will also increase. In view of the high temperature impact on the fattening pig, the soy sauce must be created according to its climate characteristics, and the pig group must create a good growth environment by increasing the feeding capacity to increase the growth rate of pigs: 1, high temperature pair The impact of the thermal stress of the large pig is difficult to eliminate. Only speeding up pig house ventilation and truly reducing pig house temperature can increase the feeding capacity. When the weather is hot, the hot stratum is prevented from being thermally stressed. When the temperature reaches 25 ° C, it is necessary to combine the water cooling system and the fan to speed up the inside and outside the gas. If the temperature is up to 30 ° C, then the continuity Nothing inner ware, 10 drops of water to increase the freshness of the pig house. 2. Appropriate increase in feeding times (recommended for not less than 3 times / day), and avoid feeding of high temperature time period, feeding pigs at night and reduce daytime activities, thus adding a pig’s sleep time; in addition to external interference And the weather is relatively cool, and the pig can sleep for more than 18 hours after eating food, which is conducive to promoting pig growth. Feeding time can be carried out at 7:00 pm, after the afternoon, the front and posts before feeding will pay attention to cooling and hygiene clean. Try to use the cool-cooling summer green feed at noon, then add an appropriate amount of dimensional C powder in the feed, and the dimain can increase the immunity of pigs, enhance the anti-heat stress, and increase the feeding capacity and daily gain. 3, reduce the breeding density (cannot be less than 1.8 square / head). By reducing the feeding density to reduce the heat of the pig, there is a reduction of stress effects, because the pigs are large, the thicker the skin, the larger the heat emissions, the worse the anti-heat stress, so It is very easy to cause thermal stress in the hot summer, and it is very dangerous to pursue high-density feeding in hot days. 4, ensure adequate clean and cool water sources, avoid the water of the water to ensure lower water temperature. The pool must do a good job and ensure that the water source is not directly exposed and rainwater, the leaves, etc., to regularly check the effluent of the automated water dispenser, and ensure that the supply is fully cleaning water, the body temperature of the summer gas is also affected, if Drinking water is sufficient, the body temperature isIt will not rise in the adjustment of the water; the pig can also discharge the gas tract water gas in the lungs through the emergency respiration, and the water gas is tapered in the body. Water is the best solvent and transportation tools of various nutrients. The exclusion of waste is also required to operate through water. Pig water will generally take weight 1 / 3-1 / 2, and the summer pig daily drinking water increases. Drink 0.5% of brine to regulate body temperature. 5, use feed in time, adhere to the principle of “advanced first”, maintain the freshness of feed; can not backwise feed, avoid feeding mildew, gain, affecting the feeding capacity of pigs. 6. Chinese herbal medicine can fully coordinate the physiological metabolism of pigs at high temperatures, thereby promoting pig growth and improving the body’s immune function; Chinese herbal medicine for heat-cooling in the hot environment, to alleviate the influence of the hot environment on the meat pigs, improve Weight weight and feed utilization; drug heatstrokes can be used: 1 vinegar, sauce juice or add citric acid. After a pork, it can make the pigs in a certain period of time in a certain period of time, so that the purpose of cooling and cooling can be achieved. Each time you can take 250-500 ml, it will increase or decrease according to the size of the pig. The addition of citric acid is 200 grams / 100 kg of water, and 3-4 pounds of citric acid is supplied per large pig. 2 Use the car toast and the light bamboo leaves to add water and decompose into soup, and mix the pig with the feed or boast the pig free drink. You can also use some Chinese herbal herbal tea three times three times a month. 7. Do a good job in the column cleaning and improve the resistance of the pig group. Every day, three hygiene sweep each other, this is especially important at noon, so that because the temperature is higher, pig manure is evaporated, and the amino flavor The more concentrated, it will impair the nasal mucosa of the pig, thus causing spray to form a pulmonary disease such as cough and respiratory disease. 8. If the pigs are severely reduced (lower than 0.5 kg / day / head), the pathogeneous pig is separated by special care: can be used in porridge, fermentation material, water, and blue. The shade grazing and other measures to enhance pigs only resist disease, and they want to improve the amount of feeding. Zhongtukin Heart [Product Features] The nutritional mechanism of Sherno Heart is the environment, nutrition and physiological stain generated by piglets in weaning, making piglets to eat, nutrients in a period of time after weaning. The intake can not meet the growth and development of small intestine fluff, resulting in atrophy of small intestinal fluff, fooled hyperplasia, absorption function weakened, causing carePigs often grow back after weaning, and it is serious. Milk () pigs due to low levels of chemical enzymes, poor enzyme activity, lack of gastric acid, especially fat-soluble nutrient absorption capacity, while the nano-treated nutrients can be quickly and efficient Utilization of milk () pigs, improve the weight loss and health levels.

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