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The author passed the four-month in-depth research and visiting, visiting about one-third of pigs in the Laizhou market, found 90% of the sows in tears, rust lines, and liver toxins accumulated seriously! During the process of communicating with farmers, sows that have problems with tears are often prone to abortion, and they have high feasts, and they are slow, and they have a slow emotion after weaning. Dead, weak, weak, easy to diarrhea! And this type of sow has risen high after the vaccine, and it is often become a “timing bomb” that caused the explosion of the petrograph.

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The farmers I also realize that the sow should be discharged to the sow, and this sub-health state should be lifted, thereby improving the resistance of sows and improving production results! The tear spots and rust lines are the external performance of the pig’s liver toxin accumulation! In response to this situation in the market, the bile acids from Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd., the best local strength, the best reputable best, and the best of Laizhou’s pig industry. To protect the sow, eliminate the sow tear spots, and lift the sow sub-health started the battle! At present, the four types of liver disease in the pig farm are: toxin-toxin (mold toxin, intestinal toxin, heavy metal, etc.) accumulate nutrient liver – feed formula, raw material nutritional defect caused drug liver – drug toxicity and drug residue Virus liver – various viral diseases to the results of the liver invasion

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2018-3-20 09:26 Upload The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile! The normal operation of the liver, realization of various functions (detoxificationDetoxification, immunity, protein synthesis, etc.) need to pass bile secretion, excretion! When the liver function is damaged, the pigs first have insufficient synthesis of bile, and then cause other functions! Bile acid is extracted from pig bile, is the main component of bile, is the same as non-toxic and harmless endogenous substances, which is the same as the bile function secreted by pig’s own liver. Adding bile acids in the feed can reduce the burden of the liver of the sow, make up for insufficient liver secretion, thereby reaching the liver and gentleness, rapid detoxification, solving the liver damage caused by various factors, toxin accumulation problems! This event, bile acid enters 30 pig farms, benefiting thousands of sows, solving problems for many farmers, bringing benefits! Wang Boss raised 40 sows, using bile acids a kilogram of mixture, using 20 days. The sow tear spots have disappeared, and he is very recognized by the effect of bile acid, and now it is used for a ton of use for a long time. Longchang Bile Acids are entering every pig household in Laizhou, helping them improve sows with toxins accumulated in each liver, 90% of market recognition is very proud!

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