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1. Suitable feeding method

Most of the farmers like most feeding methods are online farming, because it can reduce disease, save drug fees, and have a larger feeding density. However, the previous investment is too large, which often causes some of the nervous funds in the country, and has to “abuse” chicken to make it a little nutrient. In fact, as long as the ground chicken is good, such as entering and exit, shoes, chickens often disinfected, the pad is replaced, etc., the benefits are also very good. The vegetable farmers and fruit farmers are often in their vegetables, and they are very good in the orchard, but they must pay attention to prevent pesticide poisoning.
2. Improve environmental hygiene

Yang Chicken households should pay attention to feed hygiene, air hygiene and drinking water. Some chicken farms have been constantly ill, many times due to water source is contaminated. Some chicken farms, mosquitoes, flies, thus triggered a lot of diseases.

The pathogenic microorganism in the chicken body is more increasingly in the use of antibiotics, because the residue of the drug is too large, and the cost is higher, and now it is used to replace it, and practice shows it. Not only improves chicken, and it has improved the intestinal hygiene of chicken, which increased the production capacity of chickens.

3. Pay attention to breeding management

The loss of the chicken seedlings in many farmers seem to be the main reason for Siki, and the main reason for the low survival rate. This stage of the texture conditions, initial drinks, sewing, brood photos, breeding density and E. coli infections, chicken white diarrhea, etc. will cause the death of chicken seedlings.

Purification of drugs will reduce this loss, such as fluoripipipipipipipipipiplic acid in 2 ~ 5 days, Enoviaxia to prevent chicken brain; 15 ~ 17-year-old with strong metcarcin, Enovia, Ciplanoxacin and other prevention of chronic respiratory and E. coli; 22 to 25 days old, 38 to 42 years old to prevent chronic respiratory tract and E. coliosis. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

Reduce stress

Yang Chicken household has recognized sound, light, color and feed replacement, transfer group, immunization, replacement personnel, etc. Come to the egg yield rate of chickens or decline in the amount of food in broilers. To minimize stress, stress is to ensure the basis of the high output of the chicken, but the chicken is too sensitive. We need to use the economically soil measures to overcome, such as the rural areas, which are planted in the chicken house, slow down the heat stress, Winter uses burn pits to avoidFree gas stress.

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