How to take a shower of the dog?

timg (6).jpg Summer is coming, the spotted dog is not hot, there will be odor if you don’t take a bath, of course, you don’t have to give it a bath every day, but it must be done in time. In general, according to the changes in seasonal climate, the period of the dog bath should also change. Moreover, pay special attention when taking a bath. So, do you know how to take a bath when you are at home?

  1. Tools that need to be prepared before bathing the pet dog. For example, professional pet shampoo, towel, brush, hair dryer, bathing basin, etc.
  2. You should brush it first before bathing the spotted dog, check toenail and trim the toenail. The bristles are mainly removed from the dust dirt on the dog and make a bath easier. The shear nail is cut away from the toenail of the spotted dog to prevent people from the bathing process.
  3. It is necessary to prepare bath water, and general water temperature can be consistent with the dog body temperature. Of course, in the hot summer bath water temperature should be appropriate, while winter, it can be appropriate. In the process of taking a spots, the action must be gentle, don’t stimulate the dog.
  4. Use water to wet the spotted dog, then put the pet shampoo, gently rub the dog’s body with both hands. When you are in a sensitive part such as head, chest, abdomen, it is gentle. In addition, especially the hips of the dog, the limbs must be completely cleaned.
  5. After completion, clean the bodies of the spotted dog with water. Under the wipe with a towel, finally blown a spots dog wet hair with a hairdryer. At this point, the work of the spotted dog is complete.

In the process of bathing the spotted dog, parents must pay attention to the mood of the dog, from time to time or conversation, let the spot dog can keep a relaxation, complete the task of bathing beauty .

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