How to treat and prevent the new city evolution?

What is chicken new city?
The new city evolution is an acute, thermal, septic and high contact infectious disease caused by viral new city disease. Characteristics with high heat, difficulty breathing, dysentery, spiritual wilting, mucous membrane and slurry.


Newcastle disease virus can infect different ages, poultry, including chicken, 鹌, pigeon, etc., chickens are more susceptible, especially chicks infected. Mainly digestive tract, respiratory infection, no obvious seasonal characteristics, often on the disease, more seasonal, more seasonal, with a large amount of mortality is as high as 90%. Immune antibody levels may also be infected and infected with non-typical clinical symptoms, and clinical typical symptoms are not obvious, and the mortality rate is low.

Clinical symptoms

Mainly in terms of cough, loss of appetite, low egg loss, can stop laying, if the diseased chicken does not resume normal yield, the quality of the egg is affected. Respiratory symptoms have a cough, increased mucus, difficulty breathing and neck, breathing sound, chicken and meat dark red or purple. The spirit of the spirit, the loss of appetite is reduced, the thirst is increased, the feathers are muted, do not want to move, the head shrink, the wings are sag, the cocks and meat are purple, the eyes are semi-closed or fully closed, similar to sleep. Chicken produces eggs or soft shell eggs. Disease chicken cough, have viscous nasal liquid, difficult to breathe, sometimes stretch, open breathing, send out “giggling”, or suddenly appear. A large amount of mucus flowing out is to exclude mucus, often pinned or swallow. The liquid content is accumulated in the bladder, and the dark gray liquid flows from the mouth angle often flows from the mouth angle, and the yellow green feces are rowned.

Typical ND chicken adrenal stomach, muscle stomach, duodenum, blind intestine, tonsil, transient mucosa bleeding, airbag wall thickening, abdominal cavity has yellow white oozing Goods, and throat, tracheal mucosa bleeding, etc. The head is subcutaneously, meningums, fats and other tissues may also have bleeding. A non-typical ND chicken is sometimes visible, hemorrhage, bleeding, intestinal mucosal congestion, airbag wall thickening.
Preventive measures

1. Strengthen feeding management. Control the temperature, humidity and light in the hut, and maintain fresh air; at the same time, improve the feed nutrition level (2% soy phospholipid can be added to the feed, and increase the electrolytic multi-dimensional usage), minimize the chicken group Stress, to facilitate the recovery of the chicken.
2, strict disinfection measures. For the pathogenesis, isolation or elimination; for the sick and dead chicken and their feces, timely embedding; sterilize the venue, utensils, and the chicken house, often replace the gasket, and keep the circle to dry.
3, immunization inoculation is an important method of new city disease prevention and treatment, and the selection of vaccines should select a specific strong vaccine to perform immunity according to the results of various epidemiological surveys, and adopt a scientific immune process to ensure the immune effect.

For the treatment plan for chicken new city disease, you recommend that you can use San Renqing lung oral liquid, attending new city evolution, prevent treatment can be

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