How to treat meat flu is effective? Recommended collection

Brochway often occurs in the alternation of autumn and winter and winter and spring, not only has strong communication nature, but if it is not treated in time, it is very likely to make all chicken groups. death. Therefore, once the meat flu is found, it must be quickly isolated from sick chicken. So what are the symptoms of broilers?

1, the body temperature increase

General chicken affectionate It is very likely that the body temperature is high, the feathers are muted and the body curl and the disease above the respiratory tract is also yellow. Second, the feeder can find that the amount of chicken is significantly reduced, and even the previous half. There is also a slight slowness of the pathogenesis of the chicken group, first starting from the other end of the chicken house, once the symptoms of chickens will die soon, then the chickens of the chicken will become thin, the mortality will reach A percent of 90 percent.

2, breathing difficulties

If it is immunized chicken group, after infection, the early days of the early stage, the amount of time and clinical symptoms Not particularly obvious. After the interpolation of the disease, the pathogenesis increased slowly and increased by 10 percent. Severe chicken groups will have difficulty breathing and increase in diarrhea and increased death. The causes of most broiler deaths are due to respiratory failure and bacteramia, as well as toxammia.

These are the symptoms of broilers. Through above we can understand that broiler flu is indeed a very serious infectious disease. Therefore, once the chicken infection is infected with broiler, it is necessary to disinfect the contaminated all items, such as feed and drinking water, and transport vehicles may cause viruses.

By the above description, it is indeed very serious. It is the most important thing to take reliability. With good animal husbandry is your preferred, the company’s fist products, and the farmers on the market are very it is good.

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