How to use the salt in wheeled chicken

Salt, salt, sodium chloride. Chlorine and sodium elements are present in the body fluid, soft tissue and eggs of the chicken body, have a balance of the acid-base balance to maintain the chicken body, maintain the balance of the cells between the blood, and keep the chicken body tissue a certain moisture. So salt is also a raw material of chickens to form gastric fluids and gastric acid, which promotes the activity of digestive enzymes, and has a significant role in the digestion of fat and protein.

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How to add salt in the feed

The salt content in the diet of the chicken is generally 0.37% to 0.5%, and the amount must be accurate. Chicken salt poisoning. Therefore, in the formulation of diet, the salt amount of animal feed should be considered, and then the amount of supplemental salt is added. If you use salted fish powder in diet, it must first analyze its salt amount, otherwise it will cause excessive salt poisoning due to salted fish.

The minimum lethal of the salt of the chicken is more than 4 grams per kilogram, and the amount of food in drinking water reaches 0.5% or more can cause poisoning. The salt content can cause 100% mortality when the salt content of the chick is 0.9%. Therefore, the addition of salt must be cautious.

What are the performance of chicken food salt poisoning

After the chicken salt poisoning, it is expressed as loss of appetite or abolishing, and the sacchair expansion is expanded. Secretions. He is thirsty, a large amount of drinking water, often dying. Exercise disorders, two feet weakness, difficulty walking. After the later, the sick chicken is weak, difficult to breathe, convulsions, and finally died. The examination can be seen in the sachets, the mucosal liquid, mucosa fall off, adeno-condensed film, the surface sometimes forms a fake film, the small intestine has acute cabin, mucous membranes have bleeding, sometimes it can be seen, the skin tissue edema, the peritoneal and heart package Water, pulmonary edema, heart has bleeding point, thick blood thick, mening membrane vascular dilatation, common needle tip size bleeding point.

If the chicken group is contained

1, the amount of chicken feed is not more than 0.5%, and it is uniform to stir.
2, after the chicken food salt is poisoned, stop the salt immediatelyAnd feeding feed with high salt.
3, the supply of chickens are cleaned with water or feed milk to dilute the concentration of salt in the gastrointestinal, facilitates excretion.
4. Quiet 25% glucose water 1 to 3 ml to maintain heart function.

After understanding the role and use of the salt, it must be used with caution in the chicken process, and must not be blindly added.

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