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Chicken staff often go to the chicken house to keep abreast of the status of the chicken, and have already found problems early, and early treatment. When inspected, you should pay attention to the following ten.
1, check the harmless gas

The maximum gas that is harm to the chicken is ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Due to the volatility of ammonia and strong irritation, if the chicken has a large amount of ammonia, it will be aware of the whole chicken house. When smelling the smell of ammonia, it means that the ammonia gas in the chickenhouse has already exceeded the standard. In addition, the chicken house with the coal furnace should pay attention to the carbon monoxide poisoning of the person and chicken. When the above harmful gas is superner, the corresponding measures should be taken immediately, such as properly adding the air volume, replacing the pad, etc. to reduce and prevent the harm to the chicken.
2, check the temperature

Temperature is critical to the chicken. Watching chicken is a commonly used method. To find the temperature and the actual temperature of the temperature in the temperature gauge anastomosis. If the temperature difference is large, it is necessary to take the temperature rise or cooling measures immediately, and the temperature is controlled within the required range.
3, Qi-Tongfeng

Check if ventilation is good. Especially in the case of low temperature in winter, only keep warm and neglect normal ventilation. When the ventilation is good, the chicken is only lively, there is no odor, especially when the temperature and ventilation have reached the standard, and there will be a feeling of comfort. If you find that chickens are getting sick, breathe is asthma, the odor is very strong, dust is filled, indicating that the ventilation of the chicken house is extremely poor, should be strengthened immediately.
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4, check the stool

Show the color of the feces and whether there is blood. In general, the feces of the chicken is softer, and some feces are stripped. Some diseases can cause chickens, such as infectious rickscence and infectious bronchitis, the feces of chickens are yellow and white; the chicken is row green, yellow white water is feces; there is blood infection, chicken Coccidia. When it is found that the above abnormal feces is found, it is necessary to give a check when necessary.

5, compromising

Whether the humidity is compliantquasi. Humidity is easy to survive, and if the temperature is low, it is more seriously harmful. If the humidity is low, the chicken is dry, and the chicken is easy to responder disease, especially chick, and the dry environment for a long time can dehydrate the chick and weak. Therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the wetturation of the chicken.

6, the number of chickens

Whether it is a chick, breeding chicken or graphic chicken or broiler, there may be a very small number of weak chickens every day due to various reasons, this is normal phenomenon. If the number of deaths is found, it should be noted that there are several dead chickens to be inspected immediately to find out the cause of death.
7, Charging

Outdated chicken requires a supplementary light. The system of supplementary illumination should be strictly enforced, and the technical personnel should be supervised; most of the meat chicken farm performs a batch illumination scheme at night to promote meat chicken growth and increase feed conversion rate. In addition, pay attention to the strength of the light and uniform light.

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8, the sound of the chicken

Under normal circumstances, the chicken does not make an abnormal sound, but in some diseases such as contagious bronchitis, chronic When respiratory disease and chicken new city disease, the sick chickens will have a cough, sneeze and “snoring” sound, even “strange”, especially in the night sound. It has been found that these abnormal sounds indicate that the chickens have infectious diseases and must be diagnosed as soon as possible.
9, the case of chaos and drinking water and the feeding

The mens consumption is relatively stable. If the consumption is lowered, or only water does not eat, it may indicate that the chicken has been infected. Disease, to identify the cause as soon as possible, early treatment. 10. Reaction after check

After preventing immunization, it is necessary to observe the immune response of the chicken group at any time. If the new city vaccunion is immunized, the new city disease is still continuously caused; the symptoms of respiratory pathogens after contagious bronchitis are aggravated, and these have indicated that the extent to which the immune response should be used as soon as possible, and the remedy will be taken as soon as possible.

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