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After entering November, the fur of the squat gradually matures, and the line will pick (ie season skin).
Correctly grasping the identification method, peeling the peeling on the best time, not only saving investment, but also guarantees the quality of the leather, thereby obtaining the highest benefit. In the case of many readers, the method of identifying the maturity of the skin maturity and the method of peeled leather is described below for the reference of the broader farmers.
Mature self-discipline
is mature, and should be started from the following three aspects to determine if it should be peeled.
One is to the coordination of needle hair and fluff. If the gap of the needle is basically filled with fluff and can be clearly displayed, the next observation measures can be taken. It is about to grab it from the cage. In the premise that the right hand is not bored, the fleet is separated from the fleet and the density of the velvet.
Under normal circumstances, the mature fur fluffy hierarchy is distinct, from underlying from the bottom, basically can’t see the needle, such as the needle hair is obvious, indicating that the velvet hair is not long or not.
Second, the last process is to use both hands to catch the head and tail of the horses, blow up the fur of the upper part of the neck with the mouth, until the bottom skin. The mature scorpion should be white or gray white, gray or black is not mature, can not be put, otherwise, it is also a residual or scrapper.

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