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(1) Timely discovery, process as soon as possible.
Every day, each rabbit should be checked for 1-2 times, and the disease is discovered, and the time will lose the opportunity to treat treatment. Therefore, the soon the hazardous rabbit is treated, the better. (2) Rough judgment, use drugs as soon as possible
In addition to clear judgment, such as sputum, hair removal, breastitis, etc. can take targeted treatment; for diseases such as diarrhea, fever, abortion, etc. Rabbit should first give certain drug treatment. For diarrhea, oral or injection of antibacterial drugs can be given more, especially the rabbit raggy, usually given antibacterial drugs to have better cure rates, and for Clostridia Dysentery and other non-bacterial dysenters Another look. If the disease is not dying, only loss of appetite is weak or exhausted, it should mainly consider pulmonary disease or systemic diseases, intramuscular injection of antibacterial drugs, which is more effective, usually 2 times a day, continuous medication for 3-5 days. For a stronger infection, such as a sputum, detachment, etc. . Consult QQ: 2627108897
(3) Turning to the rabbit, the pathological examination
rabbits were treated immediately after death. Check the disease mainly in the chest or in the abdominal cavity. What kinds of pathological changes in major sites such as lung, liver, kidney, and intestines are based on this initial judgment. This makes it easy to accumulate knowledge and experience, which is very important for people who have been engaged in rabbits for a long time. If the mortality rate of rabbits is suddenly increased, the pathological examination can be diagnosed in time, and the prevention and treatment of guiding disease is more important.
(4) Time to eliminate the diseased rabbit
Some of the rabbits that lost the treatment and economic value should be eliminated in time. Such as severe rhinitis rabbits, repeated rabbits, zombie, deformity rabbit, and rabbits that lost reproductive ability. Some disease rabbits can survive, but the disease can’t be cured, should be eliminated as soon as possible to avoid a large number of dispensers. Some can cure but degradation, easy to retrore dye. QQ: 2627108897
(5) Correct treatment of the dead rabbit
After all sick bunny, it should be far away from the rabbit to be deeply buried or burned, and the pathogen spreads should be reduced. Don’t be chaotic, or give the cat and dogs.
(6) If the death rate of rabbit group suddenly increases, it can’t be found, there is no good treatment, and it should be sent to fresh and dead rabbits.The veterinary department of the condition is diagnosed, so as not to delay the opportunity, resulting in a larger loss. Hydrochloride Cipridex, berberine (intestines) for various pulseous effects of bacteria such as rabbit E. coli Salmonella Clostridia.

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