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If you don’t understand these signals, this year is also a pig industry in my country is an important industry in China. There is an important role in protecting the safety of meat food. At present, my country’s pig industry is changing from traditional pig industry to modern pig industry. Whether it is a breeding model, regional layout or production methods, production capacity has undergone significant changes. The future development direction is mainly 4 aspects such as “moderate scale breeding”, “smart pig industry”, “animal welfare”, “low carbon emissions”. But how to raise a good pig, a lot of farmers still have a lot of doubts. Next, we introduce some problems that are prone to daily pigs and how to deal with it: What are the signs of origin? Taking the mother pigs, arches, biting rafts, snacks, the last pair of nipples extruded the thick milk and sprayed, as the main sow, the main sow, is the main sow. 2 sow breasts are subject to external injuries, purple, what should I do? Penicillin + Houttuynia injection of anti-inflammation for three days, wound is applied to the dragon and purple (purple hydrazine) until the left neck of the 3 pigs is? The left neck is probably because of injuries, infects suppurative plasmacillus, and needs to be divided, cleaned, and anti-inflammatory after the abscess such as the puruquis, and the abscess such as the left neck. Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the mixed feed, concentrated feed, and produce the production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of 300,000 tons, total output value of 800 million yuan, is a key leading company in Jinan agricultural industrialization. The unique and Memory farming model is for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users provide a sound technical service system, making the benefits of users to improve and have a good praise from more than 20,000 users. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. 4 Delivery home hollow flushing methods and processes? Birthhouse empty bar flushing method and process: cleaning – soaking – rinsing – disinfection – dry, column drying 3 to 4 days 5 pigs Anesthesia now, my country’s pigs have mainly included: Shurt, Long Peking, Sinensis, Sleeck, New and ketamine and other products 6 fattening pig bows, flush, less food, no longer, how to treat? Drug insects 7 Pregnant mother, how to treat atrophic rhinitis? After the nose has been dispersible, the muscle injection of 20% fluorbennette and the support of the pork, on the other hand, 2% cyclopropoxia, the dexamethason drops, twice daily . The above two measures are combined with 3D, governanceThe treatment is ideal. However, it is recommended to eliminate after the pigs, because infectivity, it is not easy to treat. 8 piglets, how to rescue 01, wipe the mouth, nose, dry the body; 02, piglet limbs appear up, one hand shoulder back, one hand hips, two hands work together, do it, until the piglet is called S603, or inverting the pig behind the pig, and shake its body, use hands to tap their chest or back until the piglets appear; 04, can also put piglets in warm water at 40 ° C, reveal ear, mouth, nose , Take out after 5 minutes, dry water, make it slowly awake. 9 How to calculate 01, “333” in the expected date of birth. This method is now commonly used in the estimated method, from the number of sows, the number of days and the number of days “3 months 3 weeks 3 days” is 30 days, 3 weeks is 21 days, another additional 3 days, just right 114 days, that is, the expected date of pregnant sows. For example, the breeding phase is December 20th, in December 3 months, add 3 weeks 21 days on the 20th, add 3 days, 3 weeks 21 days, add 3 days, then the mother pig is born, ie Before April 14th. 02, “Monthly 8, daily reduction 7” in the algorithm. That is, from the moon of sow, the moon is reduced by 8, the mating is reduced by the pregnancy 7, regardless of the month, Xiaoyue, Termino, the average monthly calculation, the number of days is about the date of delivery of the sow pregnancy. This method is also easy to remember. For example, in December 20th, December is 8 months in April, and then the decrease of the breeding date is 7 is 13, so the mother pig delivery is approximately on April 13. 03, “Moon plus 4, date reduction 8” in the algorithm. That is, from the sow, the mating of the sow is added to the month after pregnancy, the mating is reduced by the pregnancy. The number it derived is the approximate date of delivery of sows. Use this method to calculate the month plus 4, in a large month, small month, but the daily reduction of 8 should be calculated according to the day, small month and flat month. This estimation method is more simple than “333” to inform the algorithm, which can be used to calculate the expected date of birth of large groups. For example, the breeding date is as follows from December 20, and the 4 is April, 20 days is 12, that is, the sow is approximately on April 12. When using the above induction algorithm, it is not enough monthly, which can be used for 1 year (ie 12 months), the day is not enough to decrease, 2 months (calculated 30 days); if more than 30 days is 1 month, more than 12 months 1 year.

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