If you help strand cats choose the right food?

src=http___s10.sinaimg.cn_orignal_4a042ca52e9de3e17b709&refer=http___s10.sinaimg.jpg The good people who rescue the stray cats have met a bad thing because the cat’s food tools have met the problem: Feeding the plastic pots of the Radi cat will be sold by the old lady in the community, often a little one. After the cat food, I went out of the bowl, the bowl was missing, leaving a scattered cat food; the kind people put the cat bowl did not lose, but there was an unknown kindness in the bowl in the community. Pie … This makes the good people are very depressed. Although this kinder is looking for the good heart of the animal, the cats don’t eat fried cakes, and the small cloth is tired of the cold, and there are also cat friends. Use disposable tableware or plastic bag to give the stray cat food, but it is not possible to take the garbage in time, causing the community environment and sanitation to be destroyed, making people who hate the stray cats to drive away stray cats with stray cats ….. all kinds of strange blames have been encountered by the rescuers, and how to do not destroy the environmental sanitation, let the stray cats have harmoniously, and the wandering cat food is also very important. A factor.

So, if you help strand cats choose the right food? The disposable tableware is a good choice, you don’t have to cleanse, but you must pay attention to it, it is best to look at the stray cat. After finishing the food, clear the tableware to avoid garbage accumulation and destroy the community environmental hygiene. If we can clean the environment of the feeding cat, those who have a “dirty” hate stray cat can find a problem? I am afraid that they can’t feed them in feeding the environment. The stray cat drove away.

It is best not to use a plastic bag to give the stray cat food. Plastic bag If you take the food of the soup with oil (such as the leftovers of the hotel), it is easy to smash all the way in the process of stray cats, adding the difficulty of cleaning.

If you want to use a bowl to give a stray cat food, it is best to recover and clean the bowl to avoid losing and breeding bacteria.

In my experience, I think the best use of stray cat food is a big drink bottle. Taking the bottom of the big beverage bottle 5 to 8 cm, as a stray cat, fresh orange or ice black tea bottle is better, because it is flat, more stable, cat eats It is also more convenient.

The beverage bottle-made cat bowl will not take away, if you usually feed the cat food, you will clean it. If you feed the oil, you can do it directly to you. The cat bowl made by the beverage bottle should be placed in a hidden corner, and it is best to use two bricks, because the beverage bottle of cat is very light, with bricks to sand, avoid cats Bowl moved or built.

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