Immunization of chicken infectious diseases

Immunization and treatment of chicken infectious diseases
vaccination is one of the effective methods for preventing infectious diseases, but can be successful if immunized vaccination, which not only depends on external conditions such as vaccine, but also depends on The internal factors of the immune response capabilities of the body. The body’s immune response after vaccination is an extremely complex biological process, and many internal and external environmental factors affect the generation, maintenance and termination of the body’s immunity. Therefore, the cluster of vaccinated vaccines is not necessarily a strong immunity. In recent years, some immunized chickens often explode infectious diseases, which have caused a large loss to the production of chicken.
(1) Factors affecting immune failure
1. Vaccine and dilution
(1) Vaccine mass
(2) Improper selection
(3) vaccination interference
(4) Vaccine dilution
2. Body condition
(1) Genetic factors
(2) Mother source antibody interference
(3) Stress factor
(4) Nutrition Factors
3. Disease
(1) Serult
(2) Immunosuppressive disease
4. Other factors
(1) Improper feeding management
(2) Immunization method
(3) Influence of chemical
(4) Abuse
(5) Instruments and disinfection
(6) Immune procedures are unreasonable
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