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First, calcium, phosphorus:

Participate in the breeding metabolism, reproduction calcium, phosphorus deficiency or excessive, fur animal is normal, but repeated infertility, high empty. Leading to pregnant mother and beasts, postpartum, difficult production, lactation decline.

Second, Copper, Iron:

Iron to participate in the body hematopoietic function, the main role of copper is to transfer iron to the bone marrow, supplying the iron required for synthetic hemoglobin. Copper or iron deficiency can cause anemia, growth is blocked, develop abnormal development, affect estrus and breeding, pregnant beast anemia, weight loss, low yield rate.

Three, zinc:

Lurcellans can lead to growth, reproductive organ development disorders, behemial testicular atrophy, decline in sexual function, and the reproduction of the beast reproduction.

Four, cobalt:

Participate in the formation and affecting fat, protein metabolism, promotes biological activity of zinc, and improves the body’s absorption of zinc. When lack, the mother and beast are infertility, anemia, and more occurred in the later stage of the beast pregnancy. Cause the fetus is absorbed, abortion and placenta are stagnant, weak, and low-alive rates are low.

Five, iodine:

Can promote the synthesis of body protein to ensure the normal function of the gonad, the lack of iodine, the lack of iodine, can cause endocrine system disorders, and the gonad dysplasia, the mother beast is emotional or estrus Inhibition, embryonic death, absorption, abortion or weakness and lactation interruption, the behemas are reduced, the semen quality is poor, and the reproductive force is low.

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