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1, lambs inhalation of water prevention and treatment

Symptom: The lamb will be short-lived, the rib is opened, she is standing, the head is closed, and the dysfunction of the breathing is cold, the mouth and the nose are cold. If you don’t treat more than 3 to 4 hours later.

Treatment: 20 ml of EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc (EtOAc) EtOAc. 0.2 ml, once intramuscize; at the same time (If it is cold, you can warm the grape sugar and Na Na coffee.

Second, the new lamb fake prevention and treatment

Symptom: there is no breathing after the lamb output, the body is soft, closed, and the mouth is purple, and it can feel weak with the heart. The heartbeat is sentenced to death, and should be rescued immediately.

Treatment: Artificial breathing. First clen the lamb nostrils and mucus inside and outside the oral cavity, then hold the two rear limbs in the mouth, the other hand (or assistant) gently pat, promote the lamb, intranasal mucus, then place it in the ground On the scorpion, the lamb nostrils are blown with the mouth, stimulate the nerve reflection. Subsequently, gently patted the chest 3 ~ 5, and then hold the two front limbs with one hand. When the other hand holds the two posterior limbs, and one is taken out, and it is repeatedly retractable until the lamb respiration. At the same time, it was injected with 14 ml of Daro or Nikawi injection.

Third, umbilical cord breaks bleeding prevention and treatment

Symptom: After the lamb output, you will break or receive accidentally to pull the umbilical cord bleeding, the spirit of the lamb is gradually lost, the film is pale, standing Steady, and then blood bitter is coma to death.

Treatment: Treatment is mainly treated according to the length of the cord fracture residue. If the lamb will not have a navel blood flow after the birth of the lamb, and when the umbilical cord roots have a residual portion, the sterling suture is tightly stopped with the roots of the umbilical cord. If the umbilical cord is earned and bleeding in the base, it can stop bleeding with the skin of the cord base. And at the same time, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Four, postpartum weak lambs to prevent and treat

Symptom: The congenital malnutrition lamb, the birth of the body is small, the leg is thin, and it cannot stand. The weak lambs caused by other reasons, the breath is smooth, weak, the limbs are weak, the body temperature is below normal temperature, and the end of the limbs is slightly cold, and it is presented as a coma.

Treatment: First, take a warm water bath, use the big basin 40 ~ 42 ° C warm water, bathe the lamb body in warm water, extends to the basin, prevent it from being killed by water. Wash the bath from time to time. When the water temperature dropped, a portion of the pour is taken again and then redeemed a portion of hot water, which always keeps the water temperature at around 42 ° C. After half an hour of water, the lamb exit cavity fever, open the eyes and the oyster, that is, rub the warm and warm wind, and fever. Second, 25% glucose and 10% gluconate can be injected at the same time of the warm water bath. After the waters of the malnutrition, the treatment should be treated. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the replenishment of the ewec. It will feed more protein and juicy feed to ensure that there is enough milk water; on the other hand Feeding fish and human milk powder, or muscle injection of vitamin AD, also carefully feeding, assisting milk, keeping warm, cleaning, preventing smell of smell after squeezing and water baths from abandoned by the ewec.

Newborn lamb fake prevention and treatment

The new lamb fake also known as the new lamb suffocated, the lamb was extremely weak or stopped, but still had heartbeat, called fake death or suffocation. It has a great impact on the harm of the raising sheep industry to the benefits of the raising sheep industry, so strengthening the prevention and treatment of this disease has certain practical significance.

1 Reason for pathogenesis

1.1 When the employment work is not properly organized, when the cold is given birth, the lamb is frozen too long because of no one cares.

1.2 The umbilical cord is oppressed, or the fetus is too long, sometimes because of the reverse, midwifery is not in time, causing the umbilical cord to compress, causing circulating disorders.

1.3 The ewes are sick, the blood intake is insufficient, and there is more carbon dioxide, and the fetus has a breathing reflection, so that the amniotic fluid is sucked into the respiratory tract. For example, ewes are greedy or severely hot disease.

2 symptoms

Lamb is unrest, closed eyes, vertical, misfortune, breathing weakEven completely stopped. Oral and nasal accumulate mucus or amniotic fluid. Audentation of the lungs with wet rolls. The body temperature drop. When severe, the whole body is soft and the reflection disappears, but the heart is weak to beat.

3 Prevention

3.1 In the quish season, strict organizational arrangements should be carried out, and there must be a special person on duty at night, and it is carried out in a timely manner.

3.2 In the process of childbirth, if the fetus stays for a long time in the maneuct, it should be used in a timely manner, and the fetus should be pulled out.

3.3 If the ewes are sick, it should be rapidly assigned in childbirth, avoiding delays, and suffocation.

4 Treatment

According to the degree of false death, Chilechuan (WeChat: CLCFeed) is recommended to take different first aid measures.

4.1 If the lamb is not completely suffocated, there is a weak breathing, it should immediately improve the hind legs, calendered, tap the chest and abdomen, stimulate the breathing reflection while promoting the discharge port, nasal and trachea And amniotic fluid, rub the sheep body with a net cloth, then put the lamb in warm water, so that the head is exposed. After leaving a little, remove the lamb, rapidly rub the body with a dry cloth, then wrap the whole body with the felt or cotton, make the mouth open, use the soft cloth, every few seconds, pull the tongue outward, make it Restore breathing action. After the lamb is resurrected, it is placed in warm place.

4.2 If you have no breathing, you must perform artificial respiration after removal of mucus and amniotic fluid in the mouth and the oral cavity. At the same time, Niki can be pulp, Lobelin or camphor water 0.5ml. You can also put the lamb in a warm water of around 37 ° C, so that the head is exposed, repeatedly sprinkled with a small amount of warm water to the heart zone, then take it out, rub the body with a dry cloth.

4.3 10% calcium chloride in the umbili veins 2 to 3 ml. The principle of treatment is: on the skin around the cord blood vessel and the umbilical ring, widely distributed various different nerve endings, forming a special reflection area, which can cause the breathing center of breathing in a short period of time. Excite.

Chilechuan (WeChat: CLCFEED) It is recommended that it is necessary to take time and early. If the treatment is too late, the cerebral cortex cell and the central nervous systemHis partial depth function changes, even if it is physically stimulus, it cannot be recovered.

The lamb is broken before the breast milk,

Unwanted lambs often in the mouth, lip mucosa, and the gums, gradually develop into pimples or small nodules. Contains a blister or a pustule, and then fused, the scar is constantly thicker, partially or the entire liprost is turned out, and the mulberry is mulberry, it is a dark brown squat, which is the so-called “rotten mouth disease”. One of the lambs found that there was a sick sheep, and should be separated from the ewec to the isolation, by special person’s care. For the original 舍 and other lamb houses to be disinfected, generally use banks with a poisonous kill, alkali solution, bacteria toxic, and cres soap sprayer is thoroughly disinfected. The feeding personnel should prohibit serial circles and veterinary staff also apply soap-shower. Isolated Apply sterilized alkali solution and disinfect each day (not to disinfection with sheep). For the illusory lambs, the following methods can be treated: (1) The eating nipple soaked with 0.1% potassium permanganate, letting the sheep eat milk, let the lamb are free to drink with 0.1% potassium permanganate. (2) Injection of the lamb injection, 2mg once, once next day. (3) When the lamb gave birth, 2% boiled water can be rinsed, 2-4 times a day. (4) Apply an oral cavity with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, 3 times a day. (5) Secondary infected people with a penicillin 800,000 units, 5% glucose 20 ml intravenous injection, twice a day.

Prevention and treatment of lambs

Forage nutrition is the main reason for the absence of abdomen in the lamb. There are two possibilities that lead to a variety of plants in the lambs: First, the ewes are nutrition and lack of forage in the post-pregnancy; second, after the fetus is born, the mother’s breeding management is poor, so that the mother’s milk is insufficient, plus Freeders that are not fed in time or fed. Therefore, it should take comprehensive prevention measures to prevent lambs.

The nutritional needs of pregnant else should be met to ensure normal growth and development of the fetus. The ewec is pregnant, as the fetus is gradually increased, the nutrients required are gradually increased. The else should be added to feed the fine. The composition is 40% soybeans, 30% of corn, 20% of the barley, 10% wheat, grinding the slurry, and then adds the total amount of feed by 10% -15% bean cake, 5% -8% bran, 1% salt, 3% -5% bone powder. Feed 2-3 times a day, 50-100g each time. In addition, feeding pregnant ewes, forage, and supplemented materials should strive to be fresh and diverse. Such as young pasture, green juicy feed, such as carrots.

After the lamb is born, the lamb should feed the lamb to feeding the sufficient quarter. If you have a mother’s lack, it should be adjusted by Chinese medicine while ponicing the ewec. Its formula is: Astragalus 5g, Codonopsis 5G, Angelica 10g, Tonghua 5g, Chuanxiong 5g, Atractylodes 5g, Chuan Di 5G, Ejiao 5g, Tutong 4G, Eucommia 4G, Wang does not stay 10g, Wear Mountain A 5G, Liganda 3G, research For fine at the end, 20ml of yellow wine is killed, the water is punched, and the eating is taking the ombs. At the same time, it can be used with 50% soybeans, 20% of corn, 30% of barley or wheat to make a lamb to feed the lamb. Its artificial milk formulation is: After removing the raw material, use 30-37 degrees of warm water for 4-5 hours, to peel the skin after peeling, make it germination; when the bud is about to break through the seeds Shape, add 8 times the water, boil 15 points, after filtration, add 0.5% salt, 4% yeast, 4.5% white sugar, 1.5% bone powder, 0.5% trace element additive (according to the formulation): Sulfate 0.4 g, zinc sulfate 2g, potassium iodide 0.4g, manganese sulfate 0.2g, ferrous sulfate 2g, magnesium sulfate 2g, sulfur sulfate 1g, cobalt chloride 0.2g), 1-2 drops of liver oil, edible antibiotic powder, mix well, give lamb Feed.

Increasing the quality of the maternal milk water and the combination of reinforced lamb. On the one hand, the breastfeeding sole is enhanced; on the other hand, training for breastfeeding lambs, to make up for the lambs’ breastfeeding, and increase the bone powder, trace elements, etc. in the fine material of the lamb. At the same time, it is also possible to make the lamb grazing, and the sun is diligent.

Chicchuan (WeChat: clcfeed), pregnant sheep pre-mixed is specifically prepared according to the physiological needs of the ewes, strengthens the various vitamins, trace elements, and in the emetic pregnancy. Minerals, protect the health of ewes and fetuses. At the same time, the company has also developed 5% of lamb healthy temperament is specifically prepared according to the long-term physiological needs of lambs, strengthens the various vitamins, trace elements, and minerals required during the growth of lambs, and protect the rapid growth of lambs. Make the lamb nutrition, long meat fastZhuang bones.

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