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Keep the temperature of the rabbit, the whole body is incorporated, especially in the first 10 days, therefore should take insulation measures, put soft pads in the box, and there should be hair under the rabbit, To ensure that the temperature in the box is suitable, it should generally be kept at 20 ° C to 25 ° C, while maintaining quiet, cleaning, and drying.

Correctly lactating breastbun rabbit milk contains rich protein and vitamins, the most important thing is to contain a large number of immune antibodies, only the new child rabbit is early to eat early milk, eat enough milk, can physically strong, life Strong. For female rabits, lack of milk or lack of milk, we should increase the feed and green feed, while feeding some feed or drugs such as dandelions, peanuts or prolactic sheets. The rabbits that are less and less nipple should be batch to breastfeed or find a babbit for the child. For the mother rabbits that are not strong, forced breastfeeding, so that they will gradually learn to automatically breastfeed. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

When the bun is born, it will grow rapidly. After the amount of milk is increased, after 12 days of age, the breast is caught, the breast milk has not satisfied its growth requirements, should be appropriate It supplements soft, nutritious feed, such as tender grass, leaves, bitter dishes, etc., gradually add a full price of mixed feed, but to ensure less feed less.

The scientific weaver is usually weaning in 30 ~ 35 days, or it can be applied to the breeding system and the nutritional status of the son rabbit. Injection of rabbit vaccine after weaning, and put 2 small rabbits in a single size, so as to avoid alone. After weaning, forage feeds that are small, easy to digest, and high nutritional levels. Replace the feed, pay attention to the transition period, pay attention to a small amount of feed, to ensure that drinking water, feed mold, deterioration, contaminated feed. QQ: 2627108897

Pay attention to the weakness of the disease, the resistance of rabbits, which have a large aconisine, diarrhea and Paphylobacteria, etc., once infected, it should be good Preventive work. Try to keep your creative cleanliness, do a good job in disinfection, ensure that the rabbits are not frozen, but food, not eating, contaminated feed, and should increase nutrition and improve their disease.

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