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The intestines are the main venues of South American white shrimp and absorb nutrients, while having important functions such as immunoemption and exclusion. The quality of the shrimp is directly affected the growth of shrimp and the bait coefficient. When the intestines are healthy, the shrimp is high, the feeding speed is fast, the feed factor is low, so it is very important to raise the intestines in the process of shrimp.
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The number of places in the trap tract is huge, the structure is complex, and the host is interdependent, mutual constraints, and form a unique intestinal microecological system during long-term evolution. The structure and function of the intestinal microbial flora is an important role in shrimp growth. Bacteria is not only the source of shrimp food, but also increase the digestive efficiency of the host; on the other hand, the ecological balance of the intestinal flora determines the health of the host. . The structure and function of the intestinal normal flora is closely related to the physiological processes such as shrimp nutrition metabolism, energy balance, immune defense and gastrointestinal development, and is an important factor in maintaining the enterin in the intestinal environment. The flora in the intestine has both good bacteria, and there is a bacteria. It is also known as probiotics, mainly a variety of bunchtorma, lactobacillus, etc., is an indispensable element of the health of shrimps, can synthesize various vitamins, participate in the digestion of food, promote intestinal motility, and inhibit disease Growth, decomposition, detrimental, toxic substance, etc. Horganisms, once the amount is out of control, it will cause a variety of diseases, resulting in harmful substances such as carcinogens, or the function of the immune system.

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In the long-term evolution of the intestinal flora, the intestinal genus is adaptive and natural selection, between different types, between the flora, between the homes, the host and the environment. Always in a dynamic balance state, a system that is interdependent, mutually contracted. In normal cases, intestinal bacteriaThe group structure is relatively stable, and the shrimp machine is not influential. However, if the balance of the flora is destroyed, the harmful bacteria will cause disorders of intestinal functions, enteritis, white intracellular intestinal diseases.

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Adding an Eucommia leaf extract in shrimp feed can effectively maintain the balance of intestinal flora and improve the intestinal health of shrimp. Polysaccharides in Eucommia leaf extract can promote the proliferation of intestinal probiotic lactic acid bacteria, multi-bacterial proliferation, octogen having bacteriobacteria, Salmonella, etc., thereby reaching the maintenance intestinal flora balance The role, improving intestinal health; in addition, Du Zhong leaf extract can also increase the thickness of the intestinal wall, increase the length of the intestinal fluff, and repair the intestinal damage.

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