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At present, China’s local sheep industry takes prices The decline has exposed a lot of problems, the breeding model is stylized, the slaughter processing is launched, the brand awareness is reluctant, the anti-risk ability is fragile, and these exposed issues are currently constrained in China’s industrial development. The factors, then there will be some employees and employees to revise and make up, then the transformation of the domestic sheep industry will further accelerate, only the industry is transformed to a certain extent, the current problem encountered by the sheep industry will Have a good solution, this is the foundation of those that truly crack the problems mentioned above, only this can break the vicious circle chain of the current sheep industry, and rejuvenate.

At present, my country’s raised sheep industry is actually a round of washing period. It is expected that after this round wash, the future will be the world of branding, scale, and in this round. It is still necessary to maintain traditional awareness of farms and slaughtering and slaughtering companies that can still struggle in such a chaos and downs.
Many companies in 2015 began to seek new departments, Internet, e-commerce, etc., both of them, whether it is model, their core points are added value of mutton products, and then from low-priced vortices It is seen from it, it can be seen that the future of the sheep property will be the world of high value-added products.
What should I do if the small and medium raised sheep farmer should do? Chicchuan (micro-signal: clcfeed) feels “hugging warm” in a timely manner, if there is a chance to be a sheep cooperative to give priority, avoiding the risk of singing alone. Secondly, there is a conditional expanded scale, becoming a substantial and active, gradually improving the level of breeding, scientifically.

Comprehensive judgment, 2016 The earth-raising sheep industry transformation will enter acceleration period, what do you think?

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