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On May 9, Zhongnongwei Titan Pigment Pigment Co., Ltd., hosted by Zhongnongwit Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Foshan Ruibao Animal Health Products Co., Ltd., Co-Type A, Type A The second-price inactivated vaccine (RE-O / MYA98 / JSCZ / 2013 strain + RE-A / WH / 09 strain) listed conference is held in Yangjiang Hailing Island Baoli Crowne Plaza Holiday Hotel. At the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Veterinary Institute of Veterinary Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Shangyoujun, a “foot-and-mouth disease epidemic and prevention and control – from micro to macro”.

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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Veterinary Institute of Veterinary Institute, Shang Youjun

Shang Youjun researcher explained “foot-and-mouth disease epidemic and prevention and control – – From a micro to macro. He pointed out that there is a seven serotype, which is the existence of seven serotypes, and the second is that the detox is very large, and the third is to persist. my country’s pig industry is deeply accepted by foot and mouth disease. Since 2005, the Asian Type I, O-type and Type A Type A 3 serotypes have been introduced, on the basis of only O-2 poison, increased Three serotypes 8 epidemic strains. From 2006 to 2016, there was 122 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic, including 42 times of O-type, 34 times A type A, 46 Asian type I. Heavy, variation and immunosuppressive bunsum are severe. my country has a threatening strain in China in recent years, and there is a penetration plant:

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2018 pop-up trend trends and attention Point

Shang Youjun reminded the antigen variation of the O / Mya-98, the antigen variation of the O / Mya-98, the epidemic and pathogenesis of O / INDS, and the intermittent rebound of pig T. Popular strains, especially the ASIA1 type, sudden intrusion. Shang Youjun pointed out that in terms of anti-control of foot and mouth diseases, immune prevention and control is the core, and the disease and animal and the same animal are key. He pointed out that at this stage, conventional vaccine is still the main force in the immunized product team. Good vaccine must first have timely and suitable seedling, so poison screening is a key link of routine vaccine renewal and improvement. And technology is also an indispensable condition for producing high quality vaccines.

He said that the pig mouth boked disease O-shaped, a type A-type diblant inactivated vaccine (RE-O / MYA98 / JSCZ / 2013 strain + RE-A / WH / 09 strain) is the first application reverse genetic Technical orientation design and optimization of inactivated vaccines for transforming vaccine species, solving the long-term sedage of pigs A-shaped foot-and-mouth disease prevention and control. Improved vaccine immunity efficiency, improved vaccine production safety, suitable for use in immune control. It is characterized by high efficiency and safety, early immune response, antigen relatively stable, effective antigen degradation slow, the pig does not form a 3ABC antibody, which is convenient for vaccination and wild toxic.

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