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The price of eggs is like a mountain car in June. The egg price of eggs in the country of the country is 1.94 yuan / kg, the highest price is 3.37 yuan / kg, and the cumulative increase is 73.71%; the price of eggs on the 23rd began to go, and the speed is not asged before the upward speed. As of the 29th egg average price dropped to 2.69 yuan / kg, the highest price decreased by 20.18%. Artificial speculation should be a large fluctuations in this price, followed by a serious loss in the previous farming, the farming unit actively eliminated the old chickens above 400 years old, leading to the decline in the supply of eggs in the market, pushing the rising egg prices; Because the price of eggs is too large, the end market acceptance is weakened, and the sales of eggs slows, and the egg price fell quickly. 2. In the future, the price of eggs has risen on the rising reason. 1. The supply is reduced to the egg price increase in injection. The previous farming unit was lowered, eliminated the egg chicken in advance. According to Zhuochuang information, as of 400 days of densisted chicken, as of the early June, there is no more than 400 days, and some have even opened the eggs of 200-300 days. In addition, the weather is hot, and the eggs of the eggs have entered a hairy period, and the yield rate is reduced by 5% to 10%. Reason, II, the farming unit is united, rising the egg price. In the first half of this year, the deficiency of the breeding unit is serious. In addition, the amount of the current egg hooks is reduced, and the farming unit is generally won, so in the case of the market supply and demand, the farming unit still looks down in the market. Reason three, egg commercial stock low, support egg price rose. The market demand is not prosperous, and the price of eggs is frequent, and the dealer is avoided, and the inventory will reduce the inventory. According to Zhuo Chuang Information, the current production link is more than 0-3 days, the remaining goods in the circulation are 0-2 days. If the egg price has increased due to the decrease in supply, the enthusiasm of the dealer is significantly improved, and the market flow is increased to support the price of eggs. Reason, after July 1, the United States opened the dried rice bird market, China resumed the meat and poultry export, will further pull the price of broilers, eliminating the egg hooks will rise, will stimulate the rising price of eggs. Reason 5, the South’s pastry companies start, the demand for eggs will increase. 3. Egg prices rise again or not far apart, the average price of eggs in the country in the country in early July, the egg price or falling to about 2.50 yuan / kg, stabilized, in the market slowly digestion, the early high-priced eggs, the egg hooks entered the residue In mid-July, the price of the eggs or ushered in a new round of rising markets, and its increase or phaseThe average price in the production area or at the end of the month is 3.30-3.50 yuan / kg. Suggest: Please take the eggs to treat the eggs, don’t blindly follow the wind, don’t blindly 淘, don’t blindly capture, don’t blindly 囤 蛋,,, . And actively achieve communication with agricultural products, get more local market information. The premix of Shandong Province is well, and the US Group was established on May 16, 2004. It is committed to the professional, standardization and high-tech, through high-tech products and systems as the basis for creating value for users. Develop a new functional egg chicken premix product and a US farming model and pig concentrate, etc., have obtained a number of national invention patents and is approved by customers. Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958

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