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The temperature difference between autumn changes, egg ducks are prone to wet hair, and the feeding volume is lowered, and the green feces is pulled. Once green feces appear, it means that the egg duck has begun to fever, and the birth of the egg fever for follicles and fallopian tubes will be difficult to recover, which will affect the breeding benefits of the entire product. In particular, egg duck customers in Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, reflect that there are many autumn ducks this year, and the layout is generally not good. Summary has the following phenomena: First, open birthday, some customers 130 days Egg duck has not yet been opened; second, the amount of food is low, the lay increased slowly or the upper and lower fluctuations; the normal egg ducks did not produce the egg peak, the best laying egg is around 80%, soft Shell has more; many customers are confused, what is going on, the author is observed and dissected in the market, and found some problems. Now share the case to everyone: Case Anhui Province, Yangyang market, customer stock 3000 eggs Duck, 150 days, decline in feed. The customer reflects that the duck has a cold. It has been treated with medication. Now the duck is not willing to eat, some ducks are legs, go to the duck field observation to find a few questions: (1) large group of wet hair, lay egg decline; Duck egg decline
(2) Most of the duck houses are normal, but carefully observe that many green feces can be found; egg duck tubal
Ducks in duck houses have death, anatomical discovery: (1 ) The ovarian follicles atrophy, and it is impossible to lay eggs in the later stage. Eucommia leaf extract recovered egg duck egg yield
(2) pancreas marginal bleeding, the duck has been cold before.

(3) The contents of the muscle stomach are green, and the bile generation caused by fever enters the stomach.
(3) The fever causes a serious tubal bleeding.

(4) Anatomy has a metamorphous egg yolk inside the fallopian tube, indicating that the duck is normal, and the fallopian tube lesion caused by the fever.

Solution of Eucommia Leaf extract 200g / 1000 kg of water, with a fallopian tube drug, and serve for seven to ten days. At the 88th day, the customer reflected that the duck feed volume increased, and the laying egg gradually recovered, and the soft shell egg decreased a lot.
Egg duck lay egg decline, egg duck osteberry, improved eggshell quality

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