In winter, the pig has been fluid, how to prevent and treat

Pig flow-length colds are also known as swine flu, an acute, highly exposed respiratory infectious disease caused by the A-influenza virus. Its main feature is sudden, cough, difficulty breathing, fever, vacant and rapid rehabilitation, and the condition can affect the whole group in a short period of time.
Clinical symptoms:
Suddenly, almost all flocks happen; the temperature rises to 40 ~ 42 ° C; anorexia or no food, slow response, curl, sick pigs are often crowded; muscle soreness, often I don’t want to move, and even forcibly drive it; breathing is urgent, paroxysmal cough, sneezing, runny nose, often associated with conjunctivitis and rhinitis.
1. Strong breeding management and disinfection, avoid stress factors, supply sufficient, fresh, clean drinking water.
2. Environmental disinfection, on the basis of cleaning, every 7D pig disinfection, purify the air, reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases.
3. In the feed, the gas is added, and the evil spirits, clear heat and detoxification, improve the body’s immunity, and release the immunosuppression, enhance the disease resistance of the body. Daily health care: 1 kg of mixture of this product is 1000 pounds; during the onset, it can be used. The sow uses 10-15 days a month.
Treatment: The flus, drinking water, or moist stocks can be stopped + toddlers, can effectively control the prevalence of pigs. It can be seen in 1-3 days, and the 7-day pig farm is controlled. Can stop 1kg to mix 400-800 kg feed, if the situation is serious, double use.

Winter, cold, pigs are prone to respiratory diseases. Pig, must prevent it, raise your pig, to create greater wealth. If the pig encounters the disease, don’t be afraid, the Tiandao Group is sincerely solving the majority of farmers. Service Tel: 18003841590

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