In winter, what should I do if I don’t seriously serious? How to prevent treatment?

Pig citishing gas is caused by a chronic respiratory infectious disease caused by pig lung, the main symptoms are cough and gasping, often in drinking water, after exercise, the night is more obvious, in general, the death rate is not high, but When the premature or feeding management conditions are poor, it will also cause serious death when secondary diseases. Sick pigs and recessive infection pigs are primary infection sources, pathogens with cough, gasping and sneezing secretions, floating in air, healthy pigs are infected by direct contact with molds in the air, both to ventilate Not good, moist, and the pig is crowded, it is most likely to cause this disease. The sick pig is not poor, rarely moves, breathing is rushing, can reach 60 ~ 120 times per minute, when there is a pain in the floors, cough, body temperature is normal, if there is infection, the body temperature rises. It is getting thin and thin, and it is more than suffocating. The dead sick pig has a long-term cough, and the sick pig is standing, back arches, neck straight, head is sloppy, until the respiratory secretion coughing or swallowing, the symptom As the feeding conditions and the climate change The disease can be as long as month. Comprehensive measures for preventing porcine gas diseases are:
(1) Adhere to self-cultivation, try not to purchase pigs from the field, and must be strictly quarantined by the quarantine department.
(2) Strengthen feeding management, feed nutrients are reasonable, pay attention to cold and warm, do a good job of exhibition health.
(3) According to the local epidemic, it is necessary to use a dry pig gas to breathe inoculation. (4) The sick pig can be able to be able to stop + ornament. Can be interconnected (leaf), 葶 苈, 母, purple Soviet, tannin and other ingredients. Indications: influenza pneumonia, pig lung disease, infectious pleural pneumonia, sub-pig, streptococcus, colitis, pig Danadi, etc. have fast control. Ranyuan effectively reduces the incidence of blue ear disease in pig farms, significantly reduces blue ear disease to the danger of pig farms.
Winter, be sure to prevent the occurrence of pig farm respiratory tract, so that you can raise your pig and improve economic benefits. Tiandao Shengshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the way is the way, care for life. I believe us, and raise a pig together. Service hotline:

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