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518 raised sheep network, raising the lamb yield of the sheep, the primary shrinkage period, the production department used two years of three tire technology. It is also a measures to improve the roaming benefits of the beach.
One, two-year three-child technology, in July, in December, in March, in March, in August, in December, in May 3, the lamb, this is achieved The purpose of two years of production.
Second, use artificial insemination technology to increase the reproduction rate of the beach sheep. Artificial insemination technology requires high on the reproduction of beach sheep. The raw ram that is collected semen, requires physical strength, health and disease, prosperous sex, agility, age å ¨ 2-5 years old. Before the start of the breeding, each raw sheep succeeding at least 15 times, in the first few days, 1 day, after 1 day, the trial disease is 2% ~ 5% Send. The with a kind of ewes should strengthen the breeding before breeding and breeding, so that the ewes are full. The collected semen should pay attention to the quality inspection of semen, pay attention to the essence, semen, semen odor, sperm vitality and density, to meet the requirements of breeding, and can be breached.
Third, using the “double lambins” (main component is pituitary to promote hormone, chorionic adrenal, release hormone, etc.), can stimulate the eggs of the eggs, reaching the dual lamb, and improve the propagation rate.
Four, using the same period estrus technology. Improve the proliferation performance of the ewa induced by the prodrienin, induced by the ewa.
V. Promote the early watermast technology of lambs. Early replenishment of lambs, early sewage, facilitates lamb development, easy to manage lamb, and benefit the ewec to restore physical condition, so that grasping breeding, improve reproductive performance. Generally, the lamb is cut in 45, 60 days. (518 raised sheep network)

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