Increase the number of maternal pigs?

Increase the year of the mother pig, to ensure that the sow has reached the annual production capacity, maximize the production capacity of sow, improve economic benefits.
Increase the number of mother pigs:
(1) Implement The sow is produced by the mother, and the mother pig is about 10%.
(2) Early millet of piglets. If you don’t wear it in time, you will also make the mother pigs tremble too long because of lactation, “piglets continue to make milk, sows”, affect the next estrus and breeding. Generally, it is good for 35 to 42 days, as well as the Yunnan situation, weaning time cannot be cut, and can be flexible in accordance with all parts, feed conditions, and feeding levels. The piglet weaned in the pig, in which the piggy pigs fell quickly, it was the core. This is the premise and conditions for the early refining of piglets, early weaned milk.
(3) Improve the rate of recycling. In addition to raising breast pigs and seeds, gradually implement unified supply, the most important thing is to master the estrus identification of sows, timely breeding, and insist on the extension of the downturn, while strengthening the prevention and treatment of sows in breeding disorders, constantly Improve the rate of recycling. In 18-22 days after breeding, we must seriously observe whether the sow is estrus, if there is no estrus performance, it may have been subjected to a child. If you have elaborate again, you should replace it in time.
(4) Prevent abortion. During the sow, especially the last month of pregnancy, the management focused on the exercise, prevent sows, sows, fight, slip, mad, stick, not feeding mold, toxic feed, pregnancy must be single Circle fed, could not exercise too much, and it could not be feeding to prevent pressure of the fetus, causing abortion and dead tires.
(5) Scientific feeding before childbirth. Grasping the breeding management of sows before the weaning of piglets, 3 to 4 weeks ago, improve the nourishment of piglets, apply low energy high protein, and add nutrients needed by piglets. Pig pigs should make money, piglets do not lose on the starting line.
(6) Change circle. Reconstruction of the rural short, humid, Tangxia, the threshold, the four walls and black, and ventilated vintage pigstones are transformed, making it a health circle that is conducive to the cultivation of piglets.
(7) Traditional Chinese medicine assistant: Mother Kangtai, a multi-precious Chinese herbal component, such as a party, and Astragalus, add 1000 kg 1000g. Shorten the mysterious pigs, improve the number of births and use of the mother pig
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