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Dairy industry pain point analysis:
1, milk waste, less milk, low milk value is reduced 3, the invisible breast inflammation rate is high 4, the number of body cells increases 5, the drug fee increase
Experts and professors in the Group R & D Center have been laid in the study and development. They launched pure Chinese medicine fermentation preparations – increased exemptions to Kang

Pure Chinese medicine fermentation preparation Chinese medicine feed additives contain a variety of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other substances , Can enhance the metabolism of the body, promote the synthesis of proteins and enzymes, promote growth, improve feeding and production performance, prevent disease, improve feed remuneration, and quality of livestock products, and no residue, no pollution, no hormones And prohibited ingredients, thereby improving economic benefits.

1, pure Chinese medicine fermentation preparation Chinese medicine feed additive contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Increase reproductiveness and production performance; 3. Prevention and treatment of diseases, improve feed utilization, and the quantity and quality of livestock products, and no residual, no pollution, no hormones and prohibited ingredients, thereby improving economic benefits. 4, this product has the effect of maintaining the balance of intestinal flora and nutrition. 5. Bacillus, eosinophilica, and wine yeast in this product are beneficial bacteria, easy to play in the part of ruminants, and fast. 6, easy to apply, safe, no side effects. [Features]

This product is produced by “three-step multiphase combined fermentation” technology, with deep fermentation, centrifugation, vacuum cryogenic drying, supplemented with polysaccharide and various digestive enzymes. 1. Decomposing the weak mold toxins in mildew feed can be completely replaced antibiotics; 2, the various indicators of cows can be significantly improved, and the test proves to increase production of milk 8-20%. Extending the peak of milk milk 15-35 days, improves the cream rate, and improves the milk protein content; 3. It can reduce the incidence of breast inflammation, while preventing cow’s torrential effect; 4. Accelement yak stomach It can effectively reduce the diarrhea rate of 47%, improve the feed utilization rate of 2.5%; 5, highly biological stability, extrusion resistance, acid and alkali (pH 3-9), high temperature resistance (90 ° C heating 30 minutes live bacterial loss 1%); 6, reduce fecal excretions, 1/110, can reduce the ammonia smells, reduce flies.

1 Improve the rumen buffer ability. 2. Promote microbial growth metabolism: The resulting growth factor produced by yeast and its metabolism provides nutrient factors for rumen microorganisms to promote the improvement of rumen microbial activity. 3, improve feed quality: “pre-digest” by highly active microorganisms, improves the digestive absorption rate of feed, especially low-quality feed. 4. Improve the body’s immunity: plant extracts have health care for breasts, and can reduce the incidence of milk breast inflammation, improve animal immunity and overall health. 5, reduce the number of somatic cells, prevent invisible breast inflammation, increase production milk.

Increases feed utilization rate of 6-10% 2, extended 15-35 days of milk production, increased by about 20% of milk 4, increase immunity, Improve the level of antibody 5, reduce the incidence of breast inflammation, 80% or more, body cell control in 300,000 units per milliliter [Usage and Dosage] Treatment of 200-300 grams per cow, preventing 50-100 grams. [Packaging] 1000g / bag

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