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Recently, many farmers responded to mastians to estrus, they will find that the sow flowing out of yellow or milky white viscous liquid, causing the breeding to be blocked, extending the feed time of non-working sows, and increasing feeding costs.

One caused by the inflammation of maternal pigs is caused by a virus, one is caused by bacteria, and the sow caused by the virus, we choose directly to eliminate, and most sow is caused by bacteria.

There is generally the following:

1. Body maturation and sexual maturity

Reserve sow is usually in the first time, most Choosing the second breeding, and as a rear hoggua reaches the sexual maturity, it does not necessarily reach the body maturation, the main feature of the reserve sow is the egg, so the fetus will be large, and the fetus will be large. Because the uterus has not yet developed, the uterine mouth is small, it is easy to produce difficult production during childbirth, and the piglet card is in the pelvic mouth, which causes the delivery to the child, causing uterine inflammation.
2. Pig Group Health

Because of the intensification of modern aquaculture, the farmers are in order to facilitate management, and most of them have reduced the mother pigs in the positioning column, the amount of motion of the mother pig Reduce the feeding of the green feed, causing the sow to decrease, mostly in the state of sub-health, increase the probability of the sow.
3. Dietary intake of sows

Due to the non-standard feeding of the sow, the excessive excessive excessive excessive sow can cause mother pig inflammation Therefore, according to the different time periods of the sow, the sows are different days.

It is generally divided into a dietary intake in the early stage, medium and later periods of the mother pig.

The old sow is too large, the body is weak, the disease, the number of times of the child, causing the sow to fatigue when the sow is produced, and the uterus is weak. Unable to produce the fetus.
5. Fetal position is not positive

The fetal position is not correct, more common in the pigs in the sow in the palace, the incorrect caused by the sow, the sow is clogged
6. Vaccine

Due to the vaccination Unreasonable or other stress reactions, resulting in premature death, but also part of the inflammation of maternal pigs.

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1. While controlling the intake of the mother pig, it can increase the amount of sow to increase the amount of sow, and increase the diet of the mother pig green feed. (According to the sow, the situation is properly adjusted in time)

2. There is a need for people to use:

Clean the vulva vulva and midwifery with warm water The arm (preferably a small midwife person), potassium permanganate is disinfected by the helper arm, apply soap on the arm, and enters the production path,

for the head Can be buckled with piglets, eyes or directly grasps the pig’s head;

For the legs out of the leg, it can be pulled out of the pig’s tross,

for piglets The sow is died,

Because of the later pigs have done edema, they need to use midwifery tools, obstetric hooks, traction ropes, and obstetric hooks, with wire bending a pair of piglets or lower jaw bones. Small hook, remember not to hurt the uterus) Because the cause of the midwife will cause the sow uterine inflammation.

It is recommended to use two bottles of physiological saline, one of which rinsed with hemodamic or cefosporium, rinsing the mother pig uterus, is not rinsing the subterior to achieve the treatment effect. The sow is pushed by the uterine fluid.

Neck injection: Houttuynia is 3 days of antibiotics.
3. For senior sows, usual exercise, feed the green feed, before the production, you can give the mother pig muscle to the mother pig muscle to give the mother pig muscle to the mother pig muscle, in the production of myoominin, add Adhesive water water supplement energy.
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