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Injection of pig, mouth-and-mouth disease, there is stress, causing big pigs to die! Immunogeneous foot-and-mouth disease vaccine often occurs, and even death, causing direct economic losses, causing many farmers to immunize the pig mouth vaccine vaccine, buried a great hidden danger to the pig industry. So, how to solve the problem of stress response generated by injection pig mouthpowmented vaccine?

1, rapid occurrence, rapid injection, even unstoppable needles; 2, symptoms: suddenly fall in place, frequently climb, breathing urgency, heartbeat acceleration Skin, eye-catching, vomiting, tweet, mouth, foam, limb swim, pupil, dungal incontinence, final failure.

First aid measures for injection stress responses in pig mouth

1. Preparation of first aid drugs, take it at any time, if there is no preparation beforehand, I will miss the rescue time; 2, pay attention to observation when injection vaccine Once the regenerative stress reaction occurs, the rescue is immediately organized, and the adrenaline 1 ~ 4ml is quickly injected (depending on the weight of the body); 3. Prevent other pigs should only attack the pig, aggravate the condition; if necessary 4, cardiac press, until the pig can only stand walking and return to normal. And Meihua Group focuses on premix for 25 years, the company’s current main products have “and Meihua” brand multidimensional, multi-mine, core materials, premix, concentrate, full price and other livestock feeding products, and Meihua series veterinary drugs Product, in which the US E-series product is the functional egg chicken premix for the new development of Meihua Eggs, and the useful effect is very good. It is very good to use the new product of Meihua Group.

Reducing the measures of the pigeonneshed infusion response

1, usually strengthen the feeding management of pigs, provide feeds that meet their nutrition in accordance with the pig’s growth stage, improve pig’s physical fitness and resistance Force, reduce the occurrence of stress.
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2, 3 days before and after immunization, add astragalus polysaccharide and multi-dimensional, reducing the injection of vaccine, and also increase the level of vaccine.

3, according to the weather arrangement time, the summer should be arranged in the evening, and the winter safety is carried out during warmth during the day, and the stress occurs can be reduced.

4, first to understand the health of pigs or first observe the health of pigs, weak pigs should not be injected; the health of the health is better than the healthy pig injection should be high. Multiplier.
5, winter vaccines should be placed in close proximity to people’s body temperature, with vaccine bottles or eyelids don’t feel cold, this can reduce many stress responses.
6, should be based on the dose recommended by the manufacturer’s manual, do not increase the dose at will, and increase the dose to cause stress reactions.

In order to prevent excessive stress reactions during injection, farmers need to pay attention to the length of the injection needle, preferably when feeding, and the breeding, the farmers should pay attention.

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