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Various diseases in aquaculture often make the farmer’s troubles, I want to take a lot of money to take a good price. It is really not easy. Because of this, sometimes the problem of problems, many farmers will rush to find “special medicine”, such as insecticides with parasitic diseases, in order to solve the problem, anxiously, it may not use pesticides. harm. Commonly used pesticide insecticides, such as pyrethroid, cypermethrin, cyanopgras, such as organophosphorus insecticides such as enemy insects, have strong toxicity to fish. After using insecticides, it will cause the fish to eat slowly or do not eat, affect growth, slow fish, increase the bait coefficient and feed costs; severe will cause accidents, such as poisoning, dead fish countless, bringing countless Major economic losses; in addition, insecticides also destroy water quality, lead to turritus, inverted algae, etc., need to be toned, detoxified, and the amount of work is increased.
In fact, insecticides are not the only way to prevent parasitic diseases. As aquaculture density is getting higher and higher, the water environment is getting worse, the disease in the aquaculture becomes more and more complex, and the drug resistance of parasites is getting stronger and stronger. Insecticides are increasingly bad. . There have been some concepts of the aquatic people, and put their eyes far away from the “environmentally friendly ecology” breeding mode, pay attention to multi-purpose machinery, physical methods to improve the environment, use some security, environmentally friendly products to prevent disease insects, no longer need Use pesticides, insecticide products. The so-called deworming is to remove parasite to leave the host or environment, and the insection of the insectomy is one of the common insectoma methods. The eucalyptus essential oil preparation is an excellent choice for internal deworming. Long Changle, unique small leafy eucalyptus essential oil in Victoria, Australia is made of raw materials, and natural plant components are effective in deworming, and no drug disability, no pollution water quality, no resistance, is absolutely safe, environmentally friendly Novel insectomy products. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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