Interpretation of common limbs in dogs

Dogs will always put a variety of strange moves in daily life. The owner is likely to be unclear. Now, come tell you, the interpretation of the common limbs, let you read Your dog.

1, the end is hard to erect and swing slightly “I am the boss here.” The owner can pat the head and shoulder of the dog, which is also implied by the owner. The status ratio is high.

2, put the head – “Very interesting! What is this?” When people play them against the dog, they listen to the chaos of people who don’t care, they will make this expression. .

3, the tail down, small extent quickly swings a “I am not afraid!”

4, the tail is flat and swing, slowly shake a “See you is so happy!”

5, the head is very chest, the head is a “I am very strong!”

6, the head pressing in other dogs into T-shaped pose a “listening to me!” Or “You are my subordinates”

7, stand up, close, tail and ear, the line of sight is not allowed to “I don’t welcome you!”

8, nodding Waist “Play!” If you want to play, you can also come down, your hips are down, you will understand!

9, the tail is shaken down “I am ready to play a quick!”

10, the belly to the upper “Please call me!”

11, the turning head is shrunk, the eyes are looking down, the tail is down, and the tail is between the hind legs, and The ear is hanging down, “I know the wrong!”

12, the head is vertical, not well-colored, the line of sight is “I am very dissatisfied!” The land will not have love and care. Tears.

13, stretching the neck, erecting the ears, the end of the end? “What happened?”

14, fly to the face – the puppy will lick the master’s face, indicating that food Or requirement to clean A and adult dogs will lick the owner’s mouth, representing you need comfort and care, or express happiness, respect and blessing!

15, head on foot, double earlip, eye skin I am very boring! “

16, the dog sneakers, a move is equal to people handshake and snap:” How are you? Are you a male or female? “Is very godOdd! From the odor of the anal gland, it is known that the gender of the other party and even recognizes the identity of the other party.

17, dog peeing – to dogs, urine is not just urination, urine is a dog’s mark, male dog will tell other dogs with urine: “This is my place!”

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