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Factory Circulating Aquaculture – Nitrite Explanation
Nitrite (NO2-) in the factory aquaculture is an intermediate product that is not fully carried out in a nitrification reaction, which is extremely unstable. When oxygen is full, it can be converted to a lower nitrate (NO3-) under microbial action, but when hypoxia is hypoxia, it will be turned to toxic molecules (NH3).
First, the formation of nitrite As the breeding scale is increasing, the degree of intensification, over-limit stocking and centralized bait have produced a large amount of bait, feces and death animal bodies, these organic substitute deposition At the bottom of the pool, corrupt fermentation under the action of heterotrophic bacteria, the protein and the nucleic acid slowly decomposed, producing a large number of nitrogen-containing harmful substances, when pollution occurs, the ammonia nitrogen in the water body will produce a lot.
Second, the endanger of nitrite
The mechanism of action of nitrite is mainly through the breathing of the biology, and there is a sputum into the blood, and the hemoglobin is combined to form a high-speed hemoglobin. High-speed rail hemoglobin does not have the function of transporting oxygen, resulting in aquaculture organisms, or even suffocation. In general, when the nitrite concentration in the water reaches 0.1 mg / L, the cultured organism is harmful. Third, the nitrite solution
1, oxygen: Mechanical water, mechanical inflation, add new water, mixed water, etc. Nitrite is converted to non-toxic nitrate.
2, change water: the water supply is adapted to a small farmed water body with sufficient water source, and the water supply is convenient, requiring the basic skills of the change in water, and remember the proportion of the proportion. 3. Physical adsorption: Physical adsorption is a substance with high adsorption capabilities such as zeolite powder, activated carbon, sewite, etc., nitrite adsorbed in its tiny structure.
The above three methods are common methods for treating nitrite in conventional breeding, suitable for pond or traditional aquaculture model. The circulating water breeding mode can be used to quickly and quickly remove nitrite, so it will not be as troublesome like a pond.

Using Guangzhou China Aviation ZH-RAS circulating water breeding system, the removal of nitrite is mainly completed in biochemical systems and culture equipment, so it is not necessary to be cumbersome like traditional farming, which can guarantee cultured water in Asia. The removal of harmful substances such as nitrate, ammonia nitrogen, protein, while saving manpower, material resources, reducing operational risks, and improving farmingSurvival
Article Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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