Is breeding friends still plagued for new city evolution?

One refers to the disease of the new city, I believe that all friends who have raised chicken are not strange, some friends will suffer serious economic losses because of this disease, it is a disease. DU disease, the spread is very fast, and the loss of chickens is very serious. For those who raise chickens, if the influence is ranked, the flu is ranked first, and the new city disease is ranked second. (In broiler breeding, if there is no problem in the new city disease DU, the gentle flu is not a problem. It seems that the new city disease should be effectively protected. When there is a flu, Zhilia is will not Too much.

The new city evolution is the second of the chicken, which sounds scared, is divided into a typical and atypical, typical new city disease mortality rate, which is serious. It is often a more common sense of non-typical new city disease.

Chicken clinical symptoms: closing the neck, open eyes, tensile neck, pull yellow green water, long-haired, wing paralysis, head and neck distortion, turns, etc. neurological symptoms. Cabinet visible trachea, heart corona fat, abdominal fat, internal tendrilic film face fat has Xue point, adench nipple or mucous membrane XUE, ulcer, adrenal and esophageal delivery or adrenal stomach and muscle stomach handover out of XUE, XUE spotted under the muscle stomach hormone film. Twelve colonus and small intestine mucosa, there is Xue and ulcer, intestinal lymphatic tissue developed parts to form jujube nucleus ulcers, produce changes in ovary follicles, XUE swollen or follicular leakage.

First, the immunization is performed early, and the local mucosal resistance is established in advance. Because the immune system of the chicks is not perfect, no matter what kind of immune procedure, it is difficult to ensure a good body-liquid antibody, and thus, in the chicking stage, local mucosal antibodies that are mainly developed primarily against vaccine will provide good protection to the chicken group. In the current domestic environment, it is always facing the threat of new city disease DUs after the chicks out of the shell. Considering that the production of local mucosal antibodies is small, it is timely immunization to vaccinate the new city vaccination, and the disease infection is produced. Partial mucosal resistance. ZUI is good for 1 day, the latest can not be late at 3 days.

Second, the living vaccine is combined with the inactivated seedlings, which can be complementary to complement, and produce strong protection against diseases.

The active vaccine is immunized with:

Generates a partial mucosal antibody.

2. Activate an immune response to an immune response, which can make the antibody produced by immunization faster higher.

3. Generate body fluid antibody, labit antibody level, low antibody chicken group to achieve a relatively better immune response, the antibody rises large, reduce the individual between the chicken group difference. The oil emulsion inactivated seedlings were significantly enhanced after the addition of oil rejuvenation, subject to less interference in maternal antibody, and induced strong and lasting immunity. Immunization is generated 10-14 days after inoculation, the antibody produced by immunization is higher than the living vaccine and the time is maintained. Immunization of the chick stage protects the entire breeding zone, the antibody produces antibodies in the pre-eggs need to protect the entire product, and thus the immunization of these two phases should be immunized with the inactivated seedlings.

Third, according to the level of antibody, strengthen supplemental immunity.

The current chicken new city is mainly based on non-typical new city dues, the cause of the chicken antibody is uneven and effective, so monitoring the antibody level of the chicken group is very important. To ensure that the HI antibody level is not less than 6, the egg chicken is not less than 9, and it is also possible to immunize a weak DU vaccine in 2-3 months.

After the new city disease occurs, effective measures should be taken for prevention and control. If the chicken has E. coli or gas Nang inflammation, it needs to cooperate with
“Yude or Mei Xin
Zhiliao, prevent bacteria secondary infection.

For chicken new city evolution, taking San Ranqing lung oral liquid
3 days, the first day, the next day, the next day, the effect is obvious, it is now mature on the market. Products.

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