Is it a blow to the dog in the summer?

timg (17).jpg Summer, the air conditioners of those who love dogs, most of the working hours and content of the electric fan are served for dogs. More Master In order to let your dogs are not suffering from heat in the summer, they will find a pet beauty shop to share the dog’s hair in addition to the hair outside the head and the tail.

So, there are many brain tail “steamed landscake”, and the body’s limbs “selling sweetmeal” dog will have not in the street, thinking that “peeling the light pig” (Guangzhou dialect, That is, dogs do not wear clothes, naked naked, no longer afraid of hot.

In fact, in the hot summer, it is not a good idea to the dog blowing air conditioners, and the dog “peeling pig” is a bad practice.

The dog is used to enjoying air conditioning, naturally, constantly relying on air conditioning, even in the summer, as long as there is air conditioning, I would rather not go out. Over time, the physical fitness of the dog will fall, and the health situation is slowly worse. Also accompanying the energy of the self-body temperature adjustment, and finally forms a vicious circle “without air conditioning.”

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