Is it still good to shaze the cat?

u=3046458018,3392458954&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Whether it is a long-haired cat or a short-haired cat, the body covers a positive level, which is their coat, which is the first impression of people. However, we will also see a lot of shaved cats on the street. Especially in the summer, the cat will be shaped by the owner. So, what are the benefits and disadvantages we have to shaze?

gave the benefits of cat shaves, can reduce the troubles brought by cats, the owner does not have to comb my hair all day. In the summer, there can be a role in cooling and heatstroke, don’t worry about the heat of heat because the weather is warm, and it is easy to have heatstroke.

But there is also an injection to the cat shaving. In the summer, there is no hair protection, the cat is particularly easy to be bitten by mosquito, and the skin is more likely to be burned by sunlight. In winter, if cat shaves become more fearful, it is easier to cool.

The most important thing is that cats pay attention to their hair. When the cat is shaving the cat, it will be unhappy. If you don’t like eating, it is because the cat is not beautiful. They will not accept themselves because of shaving, I feel that I have a big production with my own similarity. And this kind of self-featured, requires the master’s touch, comfort, otherwise the psychology of the cat is serious injury.

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