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These months, all kinds of forums, groups, friends circle, but all discussions are discussing topics related to sheep, most of them are the problem of sheep, and the problem of petrophache can only “flex the runner-up”, sheep farm construction and management. The problem is even more.

Just after the Spring Festival, there is a new discussion hotspot, that is, the price of the sheep has fallen for so long, from a pound of hundreds of ten yuan to less than ten yuan, is it good? Is it coming? What is the opportunity to bring?

Plus the lamb priced in a few days, the landscaping, which has increased slightly, which is more hot. Then, is it the time that is the best random?

Supporting the square (optimistic about how much) roughly the view is:
1, the price of the sheep is already very low, can you still go? Now, if you rose, it is more than falling;
2, now start to raise the sheep, it will not sell the price in the later time, but the cost of buying the lamb is also low;
Many, there is a chance to rise in the future;
4, fourth. . . It is what those who don’t want to go out, one thing you do, what you have to do with yourself, what you have to do with a new year; this kind of person is full of opportunities, but it is easy to consider in the air;

Of course, support against party ( Visually seeing the empty perspective is:
1, the price of the sheep has not risen sharply, rising one or two, two or three pieces are no harder, still difficult to earn money;
2, the whole economy is weak, consumption It’s hard to sell, and it is difficult to sell a good price. It is difficult to do it;
3, the stock is still a decline, but the overall stock is still very high, and there are new Zealand and Australia and other “foreign mutters.” “The self-trade agreement;
4, fourth. . . It is the people who have been tossed by those two years, and they are biting by snakes, ten years of afraid of well ropes! This kind of person is full of pessimism and feels nothing. . .

Rational thinking:
1, want to do a good farming, first consider it. The sales channel, farming ability, disease prevention, investment output (funding capacity), local resource environment, variety, policy, etc. The possibility of failure is great, this situation, most often happened to young people, so the momentum of Zhuang Ling Yun can’tYes, but you must think about it.
2, a netizen has said that the key is to raise the sheep, and others are secondary. Some people pay the light in the sheep price, and some people can make money in 5 pieces, and the peers are not similar, this is the gap!

According to the home of the sheep, some people have begun to build sheep house, buy sheep, some have built sheep house, but have been waiting for the time to catch the sheep (think that sheep price is low Some security is high), and it is difficult to make a decision on the problem of raising or not raising. . .
Then, everyone who raised her sheep and engaged in related work, what do you think now?

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